Shifting Your Customer Communication

Jan 27, 2020

The world is constantly shifting. The progress of technology connects our world in new and increasingly convenient ways. One of the fastest-growing trends in this space is the use of private messenger apps. These apps are shifting your customer communication, opening new channels and closing old ones. The impact is far greater than you might think.

A study conducted in November 2018 showed that over 34% of U.S. adults have a private messenger app on their phones, and that number is growing. This type of mobile communication has quickly become one of the largest online activities. Take a moment and think about what that says in relation to your customer base. More and more adults are utilizing private messenger apps to take advantage of the spread of social media and digital connectivity without the distraction of newsfeeds and ads.

With the impact and spread of these apps, you need to consider a couple of questions.

Is This Right For Me?

The simple answer is yes. If you have customers then the use of this rapidly spreading technology trend is applicable to you. People are increasingly fond of private messenger apps as they translate across technological lines and create an incredible amount of value via convenience. Private messenger apps are also more convenient for business owners, providing them with an easy, clean, and private means of communicating directly with the client/customer. It’s important for business owners to adapt to new technology trends in all of their marketing efforts, and this is one that looks to be here to stay for a while.

One important thing to keep in mind, however, is that not all of these apps are created equally. Facebook Messenger is by far the most popular of these apps with 106.4 million unique users per month. Are your customers on this platform? If so, this is an extremely useful tool. If not, then you need to see what platforms they’re on and tap into them.

What Do I Use These Apps For?

Private messenger apps have a ton of utility when it comes to your marketing efforts. Content can be personally delivered to existing and prospective customers, strategically aimed to create the greatest amount of value. Content shared in this way can gain instant reaction and engagement from prospective clients. This is one of the strongest potential avenues for not only creating value but also getting solid feedback and insight from your target audience…the consumer.

Perhaps the most impactful use of private messenger apps is in the arena of customer service. Customer service is often a pain point for many consumers when they’re dealing with companies. Think about how thrilled you are to call a customer service number or send an email. The process is slow, irritating, and often inconvenient. Using these apps can make communication instant, direct, and much more convenient for all parties concerned by using apps already in use by the customer. It’s convenient for you and for them.

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