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The majority of purchases and decisions go to the top-ranking websites on page 1 of search engines. Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, & Pay Per Click Ads, must be part of every business’s marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization is the most cost-effective method to generate leads for the short term and long term. If you spend hundreds or thousands on a new beautiful website, why wouldn’t you invest in making it successful?

Local Search Engine Optimization Stats


Searched online for a local business

Stat by: Safari Digital, 2021.


Increase of "Near me" searches

Stat by: Google, 2019.


Visit within 1 day of searching

Stat by: Google, 2016.


Local searches end up converting

Stat by: Safari Digital, 2021.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your business more, and better quality, traffic to your website. Specifically, this involves optimizing your rank on search engine results so when a potential customer is looking for what you do, you are the first thing they find. While there are a number of ways to get increased traffic to your site, such as paid advertising, SEO focuses on organic, unpaid results from various types of searches performed by your potential customers.

SEO doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The world of digital marketing is incredibly dynamic, constantly shifting as new rules and regulations take hold. As a result of that dynamic environment, SEO is not a static process. There is no quick solution to SEO. Instead, you have to work and develop a strategy and process that are focused on results, but also flexible and adaptable to change. What you need is a team of experts who can guide you through such a process and consistently provide you with results.

Our SEO company understands the nature of the digital marketing environment, constantly seeking more knowledge about how the search algorithms work, the behavior of modern customers, and the upcoming trends in digital marketing. The result of that work, experience, and learning, is a team of passionate marketing professionals who can help you navigate these shifting environments and come out on top. Does this sound intimidating? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be.

For many companies, your website drives your revenue, automation, and efficiency in your sales and marketing. If it doesn’t we should have a conversation about that. However, for your website to effectively do those things, it has to be found by new customers, your current customers, and your employees. When they need to find your services or your website, they are going on their favorite search engine (Google or Bing) and type in their search about you. Our job is to make sure you come up regardless of what they search for so that you get the opportunity for the sale and to ensure your current customers can connect to you with ease.

We work on your website and the 220+ various factors that affect how you show up in search results every week. Google & Bing make changes to their algorithms every day, we keep your website and marketing aligned with those changes so that you can be found by the right people often and forever.

Review Current SEM

You start by meeting with our creative marketing professionals to tell us your story, your vision, and your goals. We then review your current results and website performance to ensure your marketing is set up to perform well on search engines.

Your SEO Foundation

After determining the weaknesses in your current Search Engine Marketing, we’ll ensure you have a solid foundation to move forward with a website that is optimized and ready to convert your new visitors to new leads and sales.

Optimize Your SEM

We perform weekly or bi-weekly checks on your website factors, pay-per-click ads, and any other marketing we are doing for your search engine results to ensure your website and marketing stays optimized for your SEO & PPC based on Google & Bing’s algorithms.

Review & Refine

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing is a continuous process. Google & Bing make regular changes to their advertising platforms and SEO algorithms daily. We make changes to your marketing regularly to ensure you stay in line with them.

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Search Engine Optimization Packages

At Stingray Branding, we offer a local, regional, and national SEO Package to help you get results on your budget. These packages are geared toward helping your business effectively navigate the digital landscape and get the results you want to take your business to the next level.

Take a look at our local and regional offerings below:

Local SEO


Up to 6 Total Keywords for 1 Geographic Area

Bi-weekly Optimization

Monthly Performance Reports

Quarterly Performance Reviews

Regional SEO


Up to 20 Total Keywords for 1-5 Geographic Areas

Weekly Optimization

Monthly Performance Reports

Monthly Performance Reviews

Detailed Reporting

National SEO


Multiple Keywords for Multiple Geographic Areas

Weekly Optimization

Monthly Performance Reports

Monthly Performance Reviews

Detailed Reporting

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What is Search Engine Marketing, PPC, & Google Ads?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a fundamental form of digital marketing that involves promoting websites by increasing their visibility on various search engines. Basically, this is all of the behind-the-scenes work involved in making your website, and thus your business, a star on Google. Think about the value of that first-page real estate during your average Google search. We know that less than 1% of searchers will move beyond that first page of results, so your SEM is vital for the visibility and success of your business. It’s important to be visible, clear, and early in their results, bottom line.

How do we do this? It’s a combination of different services and tactics, incorporated into a larger-scale strategy that focuses on your clear goals for your business. By incorporating a wide variety of tools from SEO to Search Ads, our SEO company provides a data-driven process that constantly reviews results and adapts to changing conditions. With the dynamic nature of the digital marketing world, you can’t afford anything less than this.

Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click

Google Ads and pay-per-click campaigns can significantly change your revenue and sales. They allow you to put an ad for your company at the top of search engine results pages and on hundreds of thousands of websites. This can give you an advantage over your competitors and help to supplement your leads while you wait for your site to gain organic search engine ranking, expand into new markets without damaging your existing SEO goals, and more.

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Local SEO Helps You Stand Out

Being able to be found is the most important thing for your business. The problem is that our world is now more technology-driven than ever, meaning the number of businesses people will see when looking for a solution is far more than ever before. How do you stand out from this crowd, making certain you’re the first company people see and trust?

The answer is Local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply the process of optimizing your company’s online presence in order to attract more business and customers from relevant local searches. The local part is the important thing to remember when it comes to Local SEO. Where National SEO strategies focus on Google and strategies on broader keywords, Local SEO strategies are focused on optimizing for a specific geographic area.

This type of work is the very first thing most businesses will deal with when it comes to their digital presence. By looking at Google, as well as Yelp and other sites that impact local business purchase decisions, we are able to build a strategy that will make you easier to find and thus attract more of your ideal customers.

Simply put, Local SEO is how your friends and neighbors find you so you can do business with them.

How Can Stingray Branding Help Your SEO Results?

Local SEO is a complex and dynamic field, constantly shifting and changing. Understanding this environment requires constant learning and work. That’s where the Stingray Branding team comes into play.

Any SEO strategy requires careful planning and analysis. By looking at your business and your ideal customer/niche, our team is able to develop a well-researched list of the ideal keywords for you. That enables us to develop a series of steps for the initial optimization of your company’s SEO.

From this initial analysis and optimization, our team works constantly, reviewing new data and trends, to help keep you at the top of your market. This constant review leads to consistent work being done to continue optimizing your company’s website to perform better and better. Each month we will send you detailed reports on how you are performing, as well as offer any suggestions we think will be beneficial as you work to be at the top of your market.

Successful Local SEO strategies are all about planning and execution. There simply isn’t anyone better than the team at Stingray Branding when it comes to developing and implementing Local SEO strategies for your business. No matter the size of the industry, our team can help you reach the top.

If you’re looking for the very best in Local SEO for your brand, contact the Stingray Branding team today and learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals.

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Google My Business Management

Google My Business, formerly known as Google Maps Listings, has emerged as a critical piece of every company’s marketing strategy. With Google My Business Listing results showing at the very top of most searches on Google and how your business is found on Google Maps, optimizing and maximizing the features of your listing is critical.


Look at a business on Google Maps

Stat by:, 2020.


Increase of "Near me" searches

Stat by: Google, 2019.


Visit within 1 day of searching

Stat by: Google, 2016.


Look on GMB for your Contact Info

Stat by: BrightLocal, 2020.

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Optimizing Google My Business for YOUR Business

Are you struggling to make your business visible to potential customers who search for it on Google? One of the most effective ways to make your business show up first is by having a well-optimized Google My Business account. Your Google My Business listing can heavily impact the way people perceive and find your business. That’s why Stingray Branding is here to help businesses like yours by continuously optimizing their GMB listings. Our team of experts is dedicated to staying updated with the constantly evolving digital marketplace to ensure your GMB listing is always up-to-date and stands out from your competitors.

By partnering with us, we help market your business and make it easier for your customers to find, connect, and ultimately do business with you. Keep in mind that optimizing GMB listings can be demanding and time-consuming. Therefore, Stingray Branding is here to take the load off your shoulders. Our team of experts will assist you in monitoring, optimizing, and maintaining your GMB listing, ensuring that your business is always well-presented and that you have a competitive edge. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.

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