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Mobile Apps are an amazing opportunity for businesses, organizations, communities, and government offices to be able to connect with their followers and provide significant convenience to them. Mobile Apps offer organizations opportunities to generate revenue, save money, improve customer satisfaction, improve user experience, or just simplify things for all stakeholders involved.

Mobile Apps Built with the End User in Mind

When you build a mobile app, you do so with a clean drawing board. You have endless integrations, opportunities, ideas, features, and capabilities. The things that may seem wild to imagine become reality. Creating a beginning-to-end experience for your customers is better than just possible, it’s feasible. Whether you are looking to have an app built for your business to make things easier for customers or to reduce your bottom line, for your organization to make your members more connected to you, or for your government operation to allow for transparency and better service for taxpayers, we’ve got you.

If you are looking to create an app that doesn’t exist and create an entirely new business out of an idea in your head, we’ve got you too.

Meet With Our Team

It all starts with the meeting. We need to understand EVERYTHING about your ideas and intentions for your app. Who will use it, for what will it be used for, how will it save or make you money, what is the end goal, what are your design preferences, all of it has to be understood. Once we know this we will recommend either our Dashboard App platform or getting a Prototype & Wireframe.

Design & Wireframing

Based on the method we are building your app, determines if we will be designing the app for you and bringing your app to market within a couple of weeks or if we have to create an entire mockup of your app with a workflow document, like the blueprints to a house. Typically if your app is something unique and original, we are going to have to Wireframe it before we can code it.

Build The App

Once we understand exactly how your app should look, what is going in it, how the integrations will connect to it, how the data will be stored, and have the blueprints for building it, we get to coding. Coding can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6+ months depending on the size, complexity, integrations, and features you want to be built into your app.

Testing & Publishing

Once an app is built, it must be tested and submitted to Apple & Android for review. This can be challenging depending on how critical they want to be of the app. We want to ensure your app is perfect when it is published. We walk with you to test the app, edit it, fix any bugs in it, get approval from Apple & Android, and then help you maintain it. We can even help promote it!

App development Charleston Stingrays App created by Stingray Branding
App development App created by Stingray Branding
App Development - North Charleston Coliseum
App development Wingive App created by Stingray Branding
App development Saver E-Magazine App created by Stingray Branding
App development BCDCOG Beach Reach App created by Stingray Branding
App development Jubilee App created by Stingray Branding
App development Glacial Lakes Safe App created by Stingray Branding

Dashboard Mobile Apps

Our Dashboard Mobile App platform is perfect for most small businesses, municipalities, non-profits, and community organizations. Our team can build these apps within a couple of weeks, they are affordable, they have many features and integrations that are easy to add, and best of all – they can be updated and managed by you! You can use Geofencing, Beacons, user accounts, chats, live video, live audio, integrated podcasts, API’s, map platforms, and so much more! If you are looking for a great way to enhance your customer experience and increase engagement with your brand, this is it!

Native & Custom Mobile Apps

When it comes to Mobile Apps, the opportunities are endless. Who will invent the next Uber, Airbnb, DoorDash, or another industry-disrupting app? It could be you. Maybe your idea is a little more niche and targets a smaller group of people, trust us that can still be very profitable and resourceful. Custom and original apps come from ideas, just like businesses get started. Someone sees a need for a process or industry to be more simple, someone figures out a better way to serve the customers of an industry, or maybe you come up with a completely new industry altogether. With a custom app, all of those are options, and we can help you brainstorm them to figure out how to make your idea become a reality.

Mobile App Maintenance

Keeping a mobile app up to date is critical. Apple and Android release regular updates (not just the once-a-year update) to keep their operating systems secure and to correct bugs. Apps have to work on those operating systems, and in order to do so, have to be updated. We recommend that you should update your app no less than annually in order to ensure the app remains free of bugs, glitches, and performance errors. However, if your app has a lot of integrations, connections, data, and usage, you should consider one of our maintenance plans to allow us to work with you to constantly monitor, fix, and improve your app throughout the year. Apps are essentially software for your phone. Software is an ever-evolving technology that is never a complete project, it requires ongoing updates, improvements, and attention. We can help you with that.


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Mobile App Dashboards

Mobile Apps are powerful assets for a wide range of organizations. App Dashboards allow small businesses, government organizations, non-profits, causes, and more to access the power of being able to connect with customers and followers in real time. Mobile Apps offer a great user experience, better customer service, revenue generation, enhanced value, technology transparency, and so much more. Talk with our team today about the many ways that our team can create value for your organization with a Mobile App Dashboard.

Mobile App Dashboard Stingrays

Council of City Government's Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding
Charleston Stingrays Hockey Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding
City of Aiken mobile App Development by Stingray Branding
Visit Beaufort Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding
warrior surf foundation Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding

Mobile App Development for Projects of All Sizes

The world is full of apps. Look on your phone and you will probably find a great many of them. Little pieces of mobile software that make our lives easier. From enabling us to interact more directly with our favorite businesses to helping us order our food more efficiently, mobile apps have become a major part of the world we live in. These apps can quickly enhance a business, increasing the value delivered to a client via increased information or convenience. They can even become a business in and of themselves.

We’ve all had an app idea at one point in time. A problem we think that the right application could solve. If only we could build this amazing piece of software in our minds. Give it to the world and see what they can do with it.

You can.

The experienced mobile app design and development team at netGALAXY Studios, a Stingray Branding Company, can help you build and launch the app of your dreams. Regardless of the business size, industry, or function of the mobile app, we bring years of development processes and experience to you. We offer a number of app development packages to suit your needs and your budget.

It’s like having an in-house developer without the cost.

Curious about how we can help develop the mobile app of your dreams? Contact us today to learn more!

Easy to Maintain Mobile Apps

Our Mobile App Dashboards allow marketing directors, business owners, information officers, or our team to:

  • Make updates quickly
  • Send out push notifications with ease
  • Submit your app to Apple & Android with just a couple of clicks
  • & much more!
Warrior Surf Foundation Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding
She Plays Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding
city of charleston mobile app development company stingray branding
Flowertown Festival Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding
Lake Area Technical College Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding
North Charleston Coliseum Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding
Town of Monks Corner Mobile App Developer Stingray Branding

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