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You spend a few hundred or thousands of dollars, get a gorgeous website that starts bringing in sales and improving your company, then you get busy. Unfortunately, your website falls out of date, staff members need to be added, products need to be updated, and the new service offering is missing. We get it, really we do. So instead of trying to do one more thing on your own, like navigate and update that complicated WordPress website, just let our team do it for you.

Website Platforms We Can Update

Wordpress Logo Website Platform Stingray Branding uses to maintain Websites
Wix Logo Website Platform Stingray Branding uses to maintain Websites
HTML5 Logo Computer Application Stingray Branding uses to maintain Websites
CSS3 Computer Application Stingray Branding uses to maintain Websites
Shopify Logo E-commerce Platform Stingray Branding uses to maintain E-Commerce Websites

Keeping Your Website Fresh

Maintaining accurate information on your website is more important than you think. The average business website sees 500-1000 visits a month, and an average front page website sees 4,000-7,000 visits a month. Of those, usually 1/3 to 1/2 are new visitors. Do you want 250-3,500 people a month to see the wrong information about your company that can potentially affect their decision to purchase from you?

The even larger problem with this is that you typically will never even hear from those potential customers. You’ll never know that you missed a sale because of your site being out of date, they just won’t contact you at all and you miss your chance of the sale without so much as a conversation.

Maintenance Affects Search Engine Optimization

Yes, maintaining your website can play a big role in your website ranking. Google and Bing like to show relevant, recent, and reliable information to their users. The more recent the update and information on a website, the more valuable that website is to Google, so long as the domain is also credible to them. Our team can help your site stay up to date through a variety of options. In addition to updating your content, pictures, prices, products, and other items, we also offer writing Blogs, optimizing your copy, and so much more!

Our Search Engine Optimization services bring the STING!

Your website is only as useful as the number of people you are sending to it. That’s easier said than done. Many business owners believe that if you just get a website that has a great design and some cool features, you’ll get business. Unless you already rank well on Google or you are doing advertising, this belief is not true. It takes more than that. The search engines make changes to how they rank websites every day. Your website content, design, and coding have to stay aligned with those changes or you won’t rank as high. The majority of website visitors make a purchasing decision from the first 5 websites on Google. If you aren’t part of those 5, you are leaving a very large amount of sales opportunities on the table for your competitors. After we build a great website for you, allow us to help you keep it there!

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