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What makes your logo and branding stand out? You can have the best products or quality in the world, but without the right creative, your company doesn’t stand a chance. Our team takes the time to ensure your branding communicates who you are and the personality of your company to your ideal clientele.

The average American sees and hears
over 90,000 ads per day!

Let’s be honest, first impressions are EVERYTHING. Does your logo, business cards, & graphic design communicate that you will be able to deliver the quality of service or product that your clients are looking for? Let us help your company stand apart from the rest and start to convert your contacts into clients today. Call our branding agency today to learn more about our graphic design packages.


Logo Design

Our graphic designer takes in your ideas, vision, and target audience to create a perfect logo to represent your company and services. Start with a concept meeting, end with perfection.

Custom Illustrations

Our graphic designers are more than just trendy computer users. We actually draw and sketch. We've created maps, layouts, and more! Let us help you with your next hand-drawn design need!

Business Cards

Business cards continue the impression you leave in a person's mind after you leave the area. It's important they stand out as much as you do with custom design and creative paper stock.

Event Promo Materials

Event Marketing has a significant need for high-quality graphics to ensure your sponsors, vendors, and brand stands out. Our team can help you create your marketing ROI.

Social Media Banners

Creating a consistent theme across your marketing is important. Our graphic designers will help your company look professional and stand out from your competitors on all social media platforms.

Flyers & Brochures

Printed materials are one of the oldest forms of marketing. Rack cards, tri-folds, flyers, handouts, and other printed materials are great to leave behind to explain services, prices, and more!

Website Graphics

The graphics on your website can make or break the impact of your content and overall design. We can create custom website banners, background graphics, info graphics, and more for you!


We create a variety of presentations for conferences, media kits, sales guides, PowerPoints, and more. Having an effective presentation can change your perception drastically.

A Few of our Graphic Design Examples

Graphic Design = The Foundation for Your Brand

Graphic designers are tasked with the unique task of creating the foundation for your brand and marketing. The items our graphic design team makes for your company will be seen hundreds, thousands, and potentially millions of times. Many business owners view graphic design as an area to cut corners and costs in their marketing process, but we strongly recommend doing the opposite. If the foundation of your home is weak, the house is more likely to crumble. If your brand doesn’t have a well-thought-out graphic design that is intended to relate to your ideal audience and is appropriately positioned, you can spend all the money in the world and not achieve the results you are seeking.

Our graphic designers will ensure you receive the quality and thoughtful work necessary to grow your brand and maximize the return on your marketing investment. Don’t trust your brand and company’s future with just anyone, put a STING in your brand with our team at Stingray Branding.

Do you need graphics? Let us design them for you!

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Our agency serves clients around the world with the highest quality marketing, design, and apps.

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