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A Marketing Process Built For Business Owners

The Stingray Branding process is built to specifically help business owners take their vision from a concept to a real-life brand. The goal of our process is to connect you with our incredible team of professionals. This meeting of the minds allows us to fully understand and implement your vision while also providing you with guidance and suggestions to bring it to life and make it the optimal for your goals.

The process consists of these four simple phases:

Meet With Our Team

You meet with our creative marketing professionals to tell us your story, your vision, and your goals. Collecting all of the necessary information at the beginning sets your project up for success. But don’t worry, our team members are subject matter experts in numerous areas that will help guide you through what we need and how we will help you with your specific goals.

Create Action Plan

After the initial onboarding meeting, our team will construct a definitive action plan for your overall goals, timeline, and budget. No matter whether your have $400 or $40,000 our team can craft a plan that will help you reach your business goals. We actively communicate this plan to you, keeping you informed of our timeline so you’re in the loop every step of the way.

Getting To Work

Our team then goes to work on your specific action plan, sending deliverables and maintaining active communication with your though the entire process. It’s important for you to know that we’re working with you so we keep the process active and transparent for you.

Review & Refine

We believe that improvement is a constant process. Once we’ve completed your project, we will meet with you again to review it and take your notes for improvements. This fine tuning makes sure that we hit the mark you want for your goals while also making timely progress. In the case of recurring marketing efforts we implement the same type of review process, making sure that you’re involved and informed every single step of the way.

Do you have an idea for an app, but need a developer to make it real? Think that an app could create a value add for your business?
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The Team to Put a STING in Your Marketing

Your marketing company is only as good as the team they’ve built. At Stingray Branding our team comes from a wide variety of experiences and knowledge bases. We have two military veterans on the team. A designer with years of large-scale ad agency experience. A writer who build a blog with tens of thousands of readers. A serial entrepreneur, software developers, social media luminaries, and a whole host of other skill sets make up one of the very best teams in the industry.

It’s that eclectic mix of people that allow us to create this incredible marketing engine, partnering with our clients to create vibrant, dynamic brands, strategies, and campaigns. All of those years of experience and the lessons learned from it are applied to all of our clients and their projects. Our results speak for themselves, helping client after client achieve their goals and grow their businesses over the years. Our team is how we do it and we’re very proud of it.


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