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ALL-IN-ONE Sales & Marketing Platform

If you are spending a single dollar or minute on your marketing and not using a CRM and Sales/Marketing Automation system, YOU ARE WASTING MONEY. Stop! Let us create the most powerful advantage you’ve ever had in your marketing.

Sales & CRM Features


Access your leads, sales pipeline, contacts, e-blasts, social media, emails, sales reports, analytics, and much more.


Add live or automated chat capabilities to your website and have it feed into your dashboard for all. of your marketing.


Access a daily task list, email engagement, brand engagement, automated follow-ups, sales statistics, and more.


Text or speak with any contact in your system from an app on your phone or on your desktop anywhere and at anytime.


Schedule your posts for a week, a month, or a year. Pull from a library of past posts/content or related content.


Track the activity of your sales team, revenue generated, website analytics, ad performance, open rates, and more.


Manage all of your customers, past clients, leads, contacts, and more with detailed information to help you stay on top.


Our dashboard monitors your hashtags, keywords, and profiles for what you need to engage with your customers. 

CRM Integrations with Stingray Branding

Consolidate Your Marketing

Simplify Your Funnel

Utilize custom landing pages, forms, integrated calendars, phone/text, emails, and more to capture and nurture your leads.

Know Your Numbers

There are so many tools that you, we, or your marketing company is using to drive leads to you. Track them all in one consolidated dashboard and funnel.

Improve Your Conversions

Utilize Sales Automation, high-quality follow-ups, and an easy-to-follow and easy-to-scale system to manage your sales process so that no lead falls through the cracks.

Capture More Leads

Market Like Never Before

Leverage Funnels, Landing Pages, SMS, and more all in one place!

Master Your Online Reputation

Automate your review requests with personalized and high-quality emails after every sale. Monitor your online reviews and listing information with over 40 different lists in one dashboard!

Integrated Appointment Scheduling

Allow leads, customers, vendors, or anyone to schedule appointments easily based on your availability. Provide a link in your email, embed your form on your website, or send your link in a text. Once the appointment is scheduled, automate your confirmation and reminders!

capture more leads with the Stingray Branding CRM
communicate easily with Stingray Branding's CRM

Become a Follow-Up Machine

Automate Your Follow-Ups

Increase the amount of your follow-ups and the quality of your sales follow-ups without spending more time. Nurture your leads from initial contact to closing with a variety of touchpoints.

Use Multiple Channels

If you are still just sending emails or calling to follow up with your leads, you are missing the golden ticket. You should be leveraging text, Messenger, video messages, voicemails, and all of the methods that exist today to follow-up with a lead.

Two-Way Communication Anywhere

Text, Call, Email, use Messenger, and more on your desktop or on our app all in one platform.

Close More Sales

Automate your Sales Pipeline

Keep your workflow and pipeline organized effortlessly with our intuitive Pipeline Management feature. Stay on top of your leads’ progress and easily track their position in the sales funnel. From initial contact to closing the deal, our system empowers you to manage every stage efficiently.

Collect Sales Payments Effortlessly

Say goodbye to payment hassles with our seamless integration with Stripe. Collect customer payments effortlessly on websites, sales funnels, and even during appointment bookings. With this convenient feature, you can ensure a smooth and secure payment experience for your clients.

Access Your Analytics & Performance in One Place

Access all the analytics and reports you need in one place through our comprehensive dashboard. Gain invaluable insights into lead distribution and keep a close eye on revenue generated at each phase. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Experience the power of streamlined workflow management, seamless payment collection, and insightful analytics, all in one platform.

Stingray Branding CRM & Marketing Automation Sales System dashboard
Stingray Branding CRM & Marketing Automation Sales System opportunities
Stingray Branding CRM & Marketing Automation Sales System calendar
Stingray Branding CRM features

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