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Social Media Marketing can have a large impact on your brand awareness locally or nationally. Utilizing a marketing plan in your social media management will help your business to increase your referrals, sales, and relationships with your customers and followers. Our social media marketing team will help you to craft the perfect plan for your business or event and make your social media posts, manage your comments, and respond to your reviews so that you can remain focused on your services, products, customers, and employees and not have to focus on your marketing.

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Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Love it or hate it, social media is a reality of the modern marketplace. It’s how people discover brands, follow influencers and thought leaders, discover trends, and make purchase decisions. With multiple platforms for communication, figuring out how your business should best utilize social media can be intimidating. How do you deal with this ever-changing landscape? You have two choices. Take the time to study, learn, execute, and continue keeping up with the trends
Or find a partner with exceptional knowledge of the social media landscape.
At Stingray Branding we guide our social media marketing efforts with a multi-faceted approach guided by four key components:

Data-Driven Social Media

The only way to know how well your social media is doing is to look at the data. Careful analysis and understanding of social media metrics can help you better reach your target audience and make every message count.

Continuous Learning & Optimizing

The dynamic nature of social media means that you can never stop learning. The Stingray Branding team is constantly learning both from industry-leading sources and studies as well as our own experience. The beneficiary of all that learning? You, your business, and your customers.

Strategically Executed Marketing

Social media is a component of larger marketing plans. It shouldn’t, and can’t, be well executed in a vacuum. We understand this and our team integrates your social media marketing into that overall planning, making certain everything works seamlessly for you.

Social Media Strategy Tailored to You

Social media is part of your brand. It needs to be personal, tailored to reflect how you think, and not sounding like some automated process driven by a faceless bot. Our team works with you, understanding what’s important and how you share, providing social media management that truly reflects you and your business.

If you’re looking for a better way to improve your social media marketing, Stingray Branding is the company for you.

Ready to get put a STING in your Social Media?

Social Media Case Studies

Allow Stingray Branding to grow your Social Media following and engagement.


Through effective Social Media posts, promotions, and ads, we were able to grow the following and results for the social media of the Charleston Greek Festival. We helped their event reduce their annual marketing budget significantly and increased their attendance by 40% their first year and 28% in their second year!


Through high quality social media posts and effective ads on social media, our team helped to grow the advertising reach for a long-time local event to over 1.2 Million on digital platforms. This grew attendance and revenues by more than 18% year over year for 3 years.


Our team successfully manages the social media posts and branding for the first NIL collective that is an Official Partner of the University of Florida. Managing Trademarks, branding guidelines, and more is critical for this brand. Through that we've grown them from the ground to over 3,000 members - with over $41,000 in revenue in 1 week.


Southline Roofing works in one of the most competitive industries in Charleston. This drives the cost of marketing and advertising up significantly. Our team creates targeted ads based on geography from recent storms and the average age of homes in certain neighborhoods to reach the ideal clientele for Southline Roofing. This strategy helps Southline keep its costs lower and receive more leads.

Alan and his team are very professional. I highly recommend them for your web design and social media needs. They always go above and beyond the necessary steps to make their customers happy and successful.

Sandy DeAntonio

Sponsorship Director, The Greek Festival

Stingray Social Media Dashboard

Do you spend hours every week or month trying to plan your posts, schedule them, post every day, see your results, and respond to your engagements? Use our very user-friendly platform to do all of that in one dashboard. Our platform offers a centralized inbox with all of your engagements, automated reports with hundreds of metrics, and much more!

Social Media Platforms We Work With

Twitter Social Media platform used by Stingray Branding
Instagram Social Media platform used by Stingray Branding
Facebook Social Media platform used by Stingray Branding
Google Business Social Media platform used by Stingray Branding
LinkIn Social Media platform used by Stingray Branding



Content Scheduling, Analytics, Engagements, Ads, Reports, User Management, Content Library, & more all in one place.


Store posts, templates, and resources in your content library for use in future posts. Now you can batch your social media time. 



Schedule posts for multiple platforms at one time, but with the ability to customize each platform with hashtags, images, and more.


Away from your computer and need to push out a post to all your platforms or monitor for messages and engagements? We’ve got you.


Schedule your posts for a week, a month, or a year. Have them repeat daily, weekly, monthly, every 3 weeks, or any other combination.


Track your engagements, reach, growth, demographics, messages, response rates, ad results, and more with automated reports.


Control the permissions of your team, see what they have scheduled to post, require post-approval, and have complete command.


Our dashboard monitors your hashtags, keywords, and profiles for what you need to engage with your customers. 

The Social Media Dashboard For All

Social media is a cornerstone of your digital marketing. It’s the way we communicate with so many people, the way we share our brand and establish authority. When seeking to get our message out there, engage with clients, or participate in the conversations around our industries then social media is the place we go.

It’s so vital to our work, but it also takes up so much time. Many social media platforms require us to post daily just to make sure we’re still being seen. If you’re building a new business or growing an existing one, this can be the time you just can’t spare. Don’t worry. At Stingray Branding, we understand the problems facing business owners because we are business owners.

That’s why we work to help businesses set up social media platforms to schedule out their posts weekly, or even monthly, letting them set up all of those posts in just hours. This type of assistance, from as little as $49/month per user, saves you money and time, allowing you to grow your business and focus on what you love.

Social Media Calendar Stingray Branding uses
Plan out Social Media Platform
Social Media Platform Schedule
Social Media Platform Schedule
Social Media Schedule Platform
Social Media Schedule Platform
Social Media Schedule Platform

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