Evolving Waves Podcast

Riding the tides of adversity to reach the shores of success.

Evolving Waves is a podcast dedicated to showcasing individuals who have encountered significant setbacks or adversity in life, learning invaluable lessons that empowered them to craft inspiring narratives moving forward.

“It is your reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how your life story will develop.”

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What’s an Evolving Wave?

The Beginning

Most people start a business, enter a relationship, or begin life relatively healthy. Our guests are like you, they started out with a goal or a great place in their life. Whether it be through hard work, unexpected success, or being in the right place at the right time, they often find some success in pursuit of their goal. Perhaps the relationship had a wonderful honeymoon period of several years. Maybe the business landed a big government contract in the first 6 months. Perhaps they were the star on their high-school sports team or even a star college athlete.


Unfortunately, what started out with so much promise, took a turn for the worst. As humans, we tend to create the best items through being forced to adjust and we learn the best lessons through adversity. The lessons you learn going through a massive challenge never leave you. Like a storm, there is a rainbow at the end, but it takes the rain and bad weather to create the amazing colors in the rainbow.

We want our listeners to be able to benefit collectively from the lessons you learned through your adversity. Hearing about how hard it was for you to make the difficult choice that set up your life for a great recovery may be the very thing that someone needs to hear to pull them out of a terrible situation.


So often, the second, third, or even the fourth attempt is the one that defines someone’s life and success. The successful attempt is the one that everyone knows about and celebrates. What were the lessons learned in the adversity that set up that successful attempt? What were the steps taken that opened the door for redemption? What does someone have to look forward to in their future that is currently going through the struggle that you did?

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Want to be on Evolving Waves?

Some of our Recent Guests

Alan Thompson, CEO of Stingray Branding

Donovan Rider, CEO of Kids That Win Academy

Frank Wells, CEO of Holy City Med

Diandra Delluci, CEO of The Owlet Room

Pixie Paula, CEO of Striped Pig Distillery & Skirt


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