Pivot Your Business

Apr 7, 2020

What do you do next? Is it time to Pivot Your Business?

That’s the question so many business owners are considering as they wait for this time to pass. The next moves seem more crucial than ever. The economy is uncertain, the nature of business, and life, is changing. During a society-shifting event, what do you do?

Most businesses are riding this crisis out by laying low, waiting to emerge when things have passed.

This is the conventional wisdom, the hurricane logic that tells you bad times come and go. You hunker down, wait for the storm to pass, then open your doors and work to recover. For a lot of events, this is exactly what happens. They occur with a definitive beginning and end. The difference is that we are now facing a situation without a definitive end, and a marketplace that is changing too.

For many business owners, we respond the same way we always have. Hunker down and wait for it to pass. We lay in wait with our plans for marketing and business when things return to whatever the new normal will be. New marketing messages are being crafted and honed, waiting for the day when the marketplaces are wide open again, ready to send those messages to the world.

The problem is that, once everyone is back at it, separating your signal from the noise will be next to impossible.

How are you supposed to be heard? Simple, you aren’t. The plain reality is that, when this deluge of messaging happens, you will be lost in the mix, just like everyone else.

Don’t lose hope. The solution is actually simple and rooted in one question.

What are you doing now?

Think about it. What’s the state of your business now? What can you offer now? How can you start a dialogue with your potential and existing customers today? You need to be engaged in your business now, navigating the storm today, instead of waiting for it to pass you by. The truth is that this event will change the nature of our world and the marketplace.

The storm will pass, but it may take a while. So ask yourself, what are you doing now? Because tomorrow may be too far away.

Helping You Plan Now

Stingray Branding is a small business, just like yours. We’re experiencing the same things and doing the same work we’re talking about. There are times when the anxiety has run high and things get pretty scary, but we’ve come together as a team to work our way through. The truth is we’re all in this together. So, if you’re wondering what to do now, how to get your message out and pivot successfully, we want to help. Set up a time for a FREE conversation with our Owner, Alan Thompson, and let us help you plan your now.

Our approach to branding is more than just a logo. It’s a collection of services, which can be strategically applied to help you achieve your goals. The Stingray Branding team provides all of the services for your Internet marketing needs including:

We’re ready to help you grow the business of your dreams.

Whether you’re looking for a branding agency to create your entire marketing strategy or you just need some assistance with pay per click advertising, Stingray Branding offers services that make a difference. We offer an array of marketing packages that can be customized to suit your business’s needs and goals. Contact Our Marketing Company Today!<

Our team truly looks forward to providing customers with marketing strategies that make an impact on their business. For more information or to get started, contact our marketing company today! We proudly provide service to businesses throughout Charleston, SC and beyond!

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