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Alan Thompson

Chief Executive Officer


Education: Business Administration, Web Design

Schools: University of Florida, International Academy of Design

Sports Teams: Florida Gators, SC Stingrays, Kyle Busch

“I may not be the smartest, or the most talented, but I am willing to die on a treadmill. You may be better and smarter than me, but I’ll beat you or I will die trying.” – Will Smith

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Visionary, Business Owner, Marketer, Veteran

Alan Thompson is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stingray Branding. With three generations of small business owners in his family, he’s been surrounded by, and worked with, entrepreneurs his entire life. Alan founded Stingray Branding in 2008, seeking to bring his innate knowledge of entrepreneurship and marketing to others. As a founder of two non-profits, the North Charleston Chamber and Great Business Networking, Alan has proven he is more than just a small business owner. He is truly an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.

If you’ve spent any significant time in the Charleston area there’s a good chance you’ve met Alan or been impacted by his work. Over the years his work of empowering and enabling entrepreneurs to grow their dreams has made him a respected staple of the Lowcountry business community. If you haven’t met him yet, but you do see him out, stop and say hello. We promise he’ll try to find a way to help you.

Alan is a proud member of the United States Air Force Reserves, having previously served in the U.S. Army. He studied Business and Marketing at the University of Florida and the International Academy of Design. Alan sees the future as a bright destination for everyone who believes in themselves, their dreams, and their ability to work for them.

An Entrepreneur for Entrepreneurs

Alan founded Stingray Branding to help other entrepreneurs and business owners make the most of their dreams and visions. It’s why so many of our clients love working with us. We understand where they’re coming from and what they need. We’re not just looking for clients; we’re looking for partners we can help with all of their marketing needs. So how about it? Do you want to partner with us?


Our agency serves clients around the world with the highest quality marketing, design, and apps.

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