A Guide to Social Media: All About Facebook

Apr 17, 2019

a guide to facebook by stingray branding

Facebook is without a doubt the leader of all social media platforms. Everyone has a Facebook account. Currently, there are 2.32 billion active users, whereas Instagram only has 1 billion active users and Twitter has 321 million active users. Facebook continues to grow and dominate with new users daily. It’s also the best platform for businesses.

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With Facebook, you’re able to really delve deep into marketing. It allows you to converse and engage with consumers in many different ways whether it be a review, a comment, or a message. You’re able to put as much information on your business as you want – what services you offer, what your company does, the company’s background, etc. You can even apply for a job or book an appointment. With business.facebook.com, you can see what goes on behind the scenes of your business’s page. You can run ads to drive more customers to your page. The point is, Facebook has it all and your company should absolutely be on there.


Creating Your Facebook Page

 In order for your Facebook page to really be successful, you have to create and optimize it correctly. There are several crucial aspects of your page that needs to be fully optimized.


Verification and Custom Username

 Verify your page. It takes very little time but it adds a big impact. Having a verified page allows your page to show up higher in search results. You want your page to do well and this is one of the most important ways to do that. Under the settings of your page, you will see where you can verify your page. All you have to do is enter your business phone number, answer the call from Facebook, and enter the code they give you from the automated call. That’s it! You should also set up a custom username for your page. Like page verification, having a custom username will have your page showing up higher in search results.

Contact Information

 The contact information on your page should be 100% accurate. This seems silly to point out, but sometimes people forget to update their information. You want to have the most current phone number listed, the best email address for people to contact you, and your business address. If your business address is a little hard to find, put directions on your page!

Company Information

Put as much information about your company as you can on your page. You want your page to look professional and informative. On the About tab of your page, you can enter plenty of information. You can add your mission statement, a background of your company, your founding date, the story behind your company, what services or products your company sells, and more. When people leave your page, you want them to feel like they’ve learned what your company is all about.

Instant Replies

Be sure to set up instant replies for your messages. You never want a potential client to wait too long to hear from you. You want to encourage them to message you. Setting up an instant reply lets consumers know that you will get back to them soon


How to Gain a Following

Once your page is created, the next step is to gain a following. There are many different ways you can go about this.

What Content to Post

The content you post is crucial. This will make or break your social media success. There’s plenty of content on the internet to share and post. Promote your company and information about it. Share a related industry article or share a funny yet related article. Share any deals or promotions your business has. Share industry-related memes. The possibilities are endless!

Creating Your Own Content

One way to gain a following is to create your own content. Creating your own original graphics and posts will give your business credibility. Instead of using someone’s graphics or work, you’re promoting your own. Canva is a great tool to make social media posts and graphics. Another way to create your own content is to have a blog attached to your website and share your blog posts. Creating and sharing your own written content looks great for your business.

Sharing Your Page

 On Facebook, it’s incredibly easy to share posts. You can have people share your page and your content which will bring in more people! You can also invite people to like your page. New people will see your page this way. The more shared your page is, the better!

Interacting with the Consumer

One of the many reasons why Facebook is amazing for businesses is how easy it is to engage with potential clients and customers. Interacting with the consumer humanizes your business. People want an authentic and real business, and this is an easy way to give your business that reputation.


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