How to Successfully Set Up & Market an Event For a Client

Mar 14, 2023

Marketing is important when setting up an event because it is how you spread the word about your event. Successful promotion of the event will target the perfect audience, build your attendance list, and create a marketing ripple effect that will increase your reach. To market an event use any of the following tactics to make the most of the marketing for your next event. 

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Establish Event Marketing Goals 

Start with defining goals from the client to make sure everyone is on the same page. Specific goals will vary from event to event within your organization, it is important to keep goals clear and organized. Start with defining measurable performance goals and target your marketing efforts. Some goals to consider setting would be creating an audience goal, increasing revenue, and post-event engagement. These goals should be known to everyone working on the marketing of the event. 

Have a Good Marketing Team 

In any marketing effort, an A team is necessary for an effective marketing campaign. A marketing team should be full of creative and innovative people. When making your team you want to look for writers, designers, tech people, planners, and those with plenty of social media knowledge. Don’t forget about the outside voices either. You want the client to take part in sharing marketing efforts as well. Use any testimonials from past events to share. Lastly, ask any vendors, special guests, and sponsors to share marketing efforts. This will increase the reach of the event since its being shared by many sources. 

Event Marketing Content Creation 

When marketing for an event creating content for the event is extremely important. The content should align with the event and draw in an audience. Focus on using inbound marketing techniques. Inbound marketing focuses on the creation and distribution of personalized content across multiple channels. Marketers should earn the interest of their audiences that is effective and grabs their attention which is more effective than using paid advertising alone. To make the most out of inbound marketing seek out relevant audiences to see what speaks to them. Create and facilitate networking opportunities to boost engagement within the target audience. Utilize hashtags as a conversational filling system. Hashtags are a great tool to follow the conversation to see what people are saying. 

Use Marketing Technology and Social Media 

The use of technology and social media has made it a lot easier to get to a wide range of audiences. Using technology you can create a unique and personalized experience. Use a mix of established tech and new emerging technologies. To reach the right audience you need to use the right platform. To have a successful social media campaign you have to have a firm grasp on the needs of the target audience. The message, voice, and timing must resonate with the event and intended audience to have the most impact. 

Measure Event Marketing Efforts 

Looking at data is a great way to see if people are engaging with your content, clicking calls to action, and commenting on content. Looking at the data you can get a good idea of what is working and what is not working. Pay attention to sales reports, website analytics, and social media engagement data. Facebook and Instagram have insights that allow you to get this information with just a few clicks. Focus on what content is gaining the most attention. Focus on the gender, age, and where most of your marketing is gaining momentum. 

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