4 Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

Feb 22, 2019


When business owners think of marketing, they start to think of having a proper website and establishing their social media platforms. Investing your time and money into those platforms is important but it’s not the end all be all of marketing. These days, optimizing your social media isn’t enough. Attaching a blog to your website will build your business and your SEO.


Increasing Traffic

Having an active blog will increase the traffic on your website. Search engine optimization is a key marketing factor that all businesses should care about. There are many small businesses that have websites that are not updated enough and are out of touch. Keeping up to date with your blog and your website will ensure that people will view it. Search engines also index new content on updated blogs and websites and that will push your content to the top!


Bringing Life to Your Business

When potential clients view your website, they want to see the company as more than a business. They want to view a company as people just like them. A blog is a way to humanize your business. Businesses can interact with people through their comments. A company that actively updates its website and blog shows that they care about its business and its clients.


Shareable Content

When you publish a blog, it becomes shareable content. If your company does something notable or adds something new to its website, you can blog about it and share it on social media. You can advertise your business this way. You can write helpful tips and tricks and share them and get traffic on your website. The possibilities are endless.



Industry credibility is something that all businesses want. They want to be known for being credible and respected. Having a blog that is updated often and well-written is a way to show people that you are a credible source and you keep up with what’s going on in the industry.


These four reasons are just a few of the reasons Stingray Branding has a blog. We can help set up your business’s blog and website today! Check out our marketing packages here and learn more about what Stingray Branding has to offer.

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