How to Use Eventbrite – Part Two

May 4, 2017

In the first Eventbrite blog, we covered the site’s primary functions such as how to set up an event, the use of tickets, how to import contacts, and some simple SEO services. But Eventbrite has many other features which are useful to event organizers and marketers alike. In this blog, we will cover in-depth three of their more complex functions and their role in marketing an event.

1) Collecting Custom Information


As we talked about in the last post you can set up different kinds of tickets, for example, different rows for a concert. Eventbrite has a tool that allows you to collect custom information from your attendees. Why would this be useful? An example question you could ask your participant could be how they found out about your event. This insight could give you a better idea of how to spend your marketing money the next time.

In the graphic above you see you can also include or require your attendees to include this information.  If you are catering for your event, this tool can be extremely useful. When participants are selecting tickets, you require them to select from a list of different meal options.

To access this feature, you click on your event from the My Events page. Then go to the Manage tab, and from there you can access the custom information screen. 

2) Discount Codes

An excellent way to generate more interest in your event is Discount Codes. You can make these discounts available to the public or reveal hidden tickets specifically fashioned for a sponsor, members of the press, or anyone else special.

You can find the Discount Code tool on your event’s Manage page under Invite & Promote. Also, you can set up as many discount codes as you’d like (and even choose what ticket types they apply to.)

3) Event Affiliate Program

The Event Affiliate Program allows your friends and followers to help you promote your event. With the affiliate program, you can set rewards for your promoters usually either a pre-agreed-upon amount of cash per ticket or free/discounted admission to your event.

You can promote your affiliate program by posting your link on your event listing or inviting specific contacts to join your program. If you decide to invite contacts individually, they will find their unique referral link to send out to their contacts.

The affiliate will receive credit for any ticket sales that come through their exclusive referral link. They can even keep track of the performance of their link on the Event Affiliate Program screen.

Be sure to remember Eventbrite only tracks clicks and registrations. They don’t have an affiliate payment system. They do have a system to keep track of your payments however the actual payments are usually set up through PayPal.

If you have a lot of friends and followers, this is an effective way to promote your event through blogs, forums, and social networks.

Don’t let these blogs be the only place you learn about Eventbrite, the site itself has many great tools. So, get out and explore the site, your next event is bound to be more successful for it.

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