New App: Kershaw County Council

Nov 14, 2019

The NetGalaxy and Stingray Branding Teams are thrilled to announce the launch of a new app for the Kershaw County Council. Our team is often tasked with creating custom apps that are not only well designed but also highly valuable to the end-user.

Creating the App

App creation is a matter of problem-solving. Kershaw County Council had a distinct problem to solve. Council meetings are regular affairs, often referencing a number of documents. Those documents aren’t always easy to access. In fact, most people attending a meeting might have no clear idea of what’s in them. We met with the client and set about immediately creating a prototype and then testing it until we got it right.

Sign In Screen

kershaw county government mobile app

The end result is an app creating a simpler process for meetings. All of the associated documents for a meeting can be viewed, from supporting materials to the minutes themselves. These documents cover both current and past meetings, sorted by date of meeting in an easy to navigate interface. These types of incredibly valuable and easy to use applications make it easier to build a partnership between the council and the residents of the county, empowering them to be more involved and creating greater transparency. It creates an incredible amount of value and our team was proud to build it.

Finding a Meeting

kershaw county government mobile app

Document View

kershaw county government mobile app

The Kershaw County Council’s app is now available for download in both the Google Play and Apple stores.

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