New Project Announcement: Gator Collective

Aug 1, 2022

Our team at Stingray Branding is known for being avid Florida Gators fans, so it’s no surprise that we jumped at the opportunity to partner with Gator Collective, a NIL organization for Florida Gators athletes. Although the scope of this project was huge, and the timeline was tight, our team was all hands on deck from the beginning! 

As a company made up of sports fans, our team members at Stingray Branding believe in the amazing experience of uniting fans and athletes. At the heart of it, Gator Collective aims to do just that. As a result, we were thrilled to be working with Gator Collective and could not wait to get started on this revolutionizing project. 


What is Gator Collective?


Gator Collective aims to provide fans with unprecedented access to their favorite Gator athletes. And just like Gator Collective cares about the fans, they care about athletes and their compensation too. Through these athlete and fan experiences, Gator Collective can compensate current athletes based on their name, image, and likeness. 

They offer monthly and annual memberships that give members access to Gator community events, exclusive message boards, and so much more. Their company truly is an advocate for both fans and athletes, and that’s what makes them so unique. 


Meet the Founder, Eddie Rojas


While you might first recognize him as a former Florida Gators baseball pitcher, Eddie Rojas is also the man behind Gator Collective. He has always been a proponent of compensating college athletes, and once the law was passed to allow it, Eddie saw an opportunity to greatly influence and benefit both Florida Gators athletes and fans alike. Thus, Gator Collective was born. 


Our Impact


Here at Stingray Branding, our role was to take over all marketing operations for Gator Collective. By the end of the project, that meant completely revamping their logo and branding, developing a new website with member dashboard enhancements, creating email marketing campaigns, and managing all things social media. It was no small task, but our team was ready and excited for the challenge. Here’s an inside look at how the process went: 


Logo and Branding Revamp

New Gator Collective logo created and designed by Stingray Branding

Our team began by revamping the old Gator Collective logo into something more unique and memorable. With some incredible help from outside designer Phil Kruzan, we created a new logo that remains true to Gator Collective’s brand identity and elevates its potential for brand recognition. With the classic orange and blue brand colors, the icon features a gator eye encompassed by the letter C to indicate “GC.” The typography features a classic Florida Gators font easily recognizable and loved by fans. This new logo was the first step on our journey to rebrand Gator Collective, and it quickly became popular among members of the GC community. 


Web Design


Moving on to the biggest undertaking of this project: the website design. The new Gator Collective website is everything we imagined it to be and more. We implemented the new logo and branding as well as so many upgrades and new features that will truly enhance the GC member experience. Here are just a few of the highlights: 


New and Improved Membership Dashboard

Gator collective new website membership dashboard created and designed by stingray branding

Undoubtedly the most revolutionized element of the new site is the membership dashboard. The new dashboard gives members a platform to easily access all GC events, podcasts, message boards and so much more. The best part is that all of it is embedded right there in the website, so members won’t miss any important news or information. 


Current Athletes Page


In addition to the new membership dashboard, the site also features an updated Current Athletes page that showcases all of Gator Collective’s athletes as well as individual pages for each player with personal bios, social media, and a link to directly support them. Not only is this a great feature for fans, but it also allows athletes to gain a larger following!


E-commerce Shop

New Gator Collective shop page on new website created and designed by stingray branding

Another great feature of the new site is the updated e-commerce shop. We also had the pleasure of designing some new merchandise so that members can support Gator Collective in style! This page allows members to browse merchandise options and easily make purchases through the website. 


Promotional Website Launch Video


Upon completion of the website, a member of our team also created a promotional video to be posted on all Gator Collective social media platforms. This is something new that we decided to try for the website launch, and it paid off. The video features an unveiling of the new website and details all of its features. It served its purpose of getting the Gator Collective community excited in checking out the new website. 


Social Media Management

social media graphics for gator collective created and designed by stingray branding

Lastly, we also have the amazing opportunity to manage all Gator Collective social media platforms and create customized graphics with updated branding. These social posts aim to drive web traffic and further increase awareness of the Gator Collective brand. 


Overall, this project with Gator Collective has been such an amazing experience. Our team has learned so much from working on this project, and we will undoubtedly take these skills with us as we work with more clients in the future. This rebrand and website development has been incredibly exciting, and we can’t wait to continue working with Gator Collective for the foreseeable future! 


If you are interested in learning more about Gator Collective, or you might be interested in becoming a member, check out their website today!


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