The Absolute Best Marketing Blogs Out There

Nov 13, 2018

The blogging world is a competitive market. There is an abundance of blogs out there and many are quality. How do you find the best blogs for marketing? You have to find the best content! We at Stingray Branding try to find the best of the best for our readers and I believe we’ve found that. Here are 5 of the best marketing blogs available:

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most famous marketing blogs on the internet. And for good reason. The creators of HubSpot are known to have started the inbound marketing movement. They create quality content and they post every day. They have two blogs – sales and marketing. They often have guest writers who allow different perspectives on the blog.

2. The Moz Blog

This is a fantastic blog that is educational and easy and entertaining to read. They have whiteboard Fridays in which they go over new topics and help teach people. They focus on SEO and online marketing. If you want to become a master in SEO, this is the blog to go to. They have plenty of different writers who keep content fresh and interesting and there’s always a new voice to be heard.

3.   Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the founders of Kissmetrics and Quick Spot which is marketing software. He has plenty of experience and he proves that with his posts. His blog has a wide variety of topics – anywhere from content marketing to analyzing market data. He has YouTube videos and podcasts on his site and blog as well. His blogs are educational, captivating, and interesting to read.

4.  Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin is a writer of over 18 novels and an entrepreneur. He is an insanely smart man who knows what he’s talking about. He is more about writing short and insightful posts for his readers. He posts daily, and he wants to encourage his readers to go out and pursue their best (marketing) life.

5. Buffer Blog 

Social media marketing is a new wave of marketing. These days social media is the best way to do marketing, but since social media is still new and ever-changing, we are all still learning the best techniques. The Buffer blog is a helpful tool for branding and social media.

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