New App: The Town of Moncks Corner

May 8, 2020 | General

The team at netGALAXY Studios, a Stingray Branding Company, is proud to announce the launch of a new app for the Town of Moncks Corner. Municipalities have a lot of things to juggle as they serve their citizens, and technology can make a great many of them easier. We’re always excited to be able to help improve someone’s community, and even more so when the city government contacts us for help.

The App

New App: The Town of Moncks Corner


Moncks Corner is another town located in the incredible beauty of the Lowcountry. One of the biggest issues they deal with is sharing information with their residents. Municipal apps are becoming more and more common, but they can also be tricky in that a large number of areas are covered via one platform. Our team got to work quickly building software that could help the community provide information as well as provide an avenue for communication from the residents to the local government.

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The Moncks Corner app offers a lot of different information. Covering everything from where to go, places to eat, as well as government information and everything in between, this app is a one-stop shop. It even pushes notifications to residents, an incredible asset in the event of emergencies or disasters. This was a real joy to work on, with a smooth development process enhanced by a clear, shared vision of the final product. We think the residents of Moncks Corner will be happy with what we’ve built for years to come.

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How did we do with the new app for the town of Moncks Corner? From custom app development to your marketing and branding, our team at netGALAXY Studios, a Stingray Branding Company, has all of the bases covered. Our team of subject matter experts are the best in the business, both proficient and incredibly creative, bringing their skills to help craft your vision. If you have an idea for a custom app, or some other aspect of your marketing development, contact us today! We can’t wait to help you!


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