Google’s Recent Announcement: Google+ Shut Down

Oct 18, 2018


Recently, Google announced that Google+ will shut down. It came to light that Google+ had a security breach. They had originally planned on staying quiet about this issue. Due to some recent rules within California and Europe, they had to release the news.

The Breach

Google found the security breach in March. They stated that it had not seemed like anyone had gained access to personal information. The company also said that no one’s personal emails, phone calls or messages, or phone numbers had been breached or given to these third-party applications. Google had not originally been too worried about the breach because of this.

After the information leaked, Google announced that it would shut down Google+ and that it would improve its security. It was stated that possibly 438 third-party applications
had access to personal information. Google insists that there was no evidence these third-party applications had known there was a bug within the system. The company is also updating its User Data Policy for the consumer side of the email service. This will limit the access that third- party applications have to Google. Privacy is a huge deal to consumers especially when it comes to emails.

Why They Stayed Quiet

Another reason that Google decided to stay quiet was because of Facebook. Google+ was Google’s response to Facebook and its popularity. In March, Facebook had come down under extreme scrutiny. The reason? Facebook was cultivating personal information for Cambridge Analytica. Google did not want the same PR scandal as Facebook had endured. They wanted to keep the breach under wraps but alas they could not.

Shutting Down

Google is also only shutting down the consumer part of Google+. For the most part user engagement and usage are insanely low. Around 90% of Google+ sessions lasted around 5 seconds. From the beginning, Google had a hard time getting real user engagement. Though they will keep the service alive for enterprises that do actually use the service. This service will likely not be the most missed of online services, but it is still a loss nonetheless. Shutting down Google+ will take around 10 months and will be completed by next August.

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