Building a Successful Mobile App

Jul 28, 2020

Take a moment and grab your phone. You may even be reading this post on it right now. Hold it in your hand and ask yourself one question. How many apps are on it?

It turns out that while the average smartphone holds anywhere from 60 to 90 apps installed, the majority of time is spent using only three. What this means for business owners seeking to develop a mobile app is that the competitive landscape is filled with competitors that users will easily abandon. How do you avoid becoming one of those apps stranded on a phone?

The answer to avoiding this particular trap is simple. You need to strategically design a successful user-friendly app focused on creating customer value. That can seem really intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. If you’re thinking about creating an app, take a moment to review these keys our team uses to help clients build the very best custom apps for their clients.

The Keys

What Problem Do You Solve?

The best products do one thing above all others. They solve a problem for the consumer. When you’re thinking about developing an app, you need to consider what problem you will solve. This should be big, clear, and something you are uniquely able to solve. Trying to recreate a successful app, such as Uber, is probably a losing strategy. Take the time to research what problems your customers have and how you will help them solve them.

Having a clear purpose for your app will help it satisfy the needs of your customers and starts you off on the right foot.

The Core Feature is the Key

Many apps do lots of things in a mediocre fashion. But the best apps often do one thing incredibly well. Time is the one asset we can’t get any more of, and so you need to deliver real value in an incredibly short amount of time to be relevant. Once you know the problem your app will solve, focus on one core feature that will help you deliver maximum value for your end user. This will go a long way to distinguish you from other apps that just sit on the screen.

Keep the User in Mind

It’s easy to develop software with a million features and far too much complexity for the end user. Let’s face it, we know exactly how it’s supposed to work in our heads, but that doesn’t mean anyone else will. We have the benefit of perfect knowledge of our concepts. Our users won’t. People in this era are time-starved and seeking convenience. The most successful apps focus on simplicity and user experience because it benefits the customer above all.

To borrow some wisdom from the world of creative writing; remember who your audience is and write for them.


Ask any smartphone user and the Apple or Android debate is likely to pop up. The question for many people developing apps is which one do you program for. The reality is that not programming for one of the operating systems cuts your market considerably and is just not smart. Take the time and plan for cross-platform development to maximize your reach.

Put it to the Test

You have to test your app. There is no simpler way to state this. Testing will enable you to identify problems and issues that will make the user more likely to put your app into that terrifying “never use” pile. Don’t underestimate the value of testing and delivering the best product you can.

Prepare for Launch

No matter how incredible your app is, it won’t matter at all if no one uses it. Even the best apps will fall if they’re not properly marketed. This is where a solid marketing strategy, is focused on building anticipation for your app and getting the word out about your launch. The most successful apps launch with a great deal of anticipation because of proper marketing, but that’s not all. Marketing continues during and after the launch as well, making sure that your end users can find you and know how you will help them well into the product lifecycle and beyond.

Projects are Never Completed, Only Abandoned

Once you’ve launched, you must constantly review and improve your product. New security updates to operating systems and many other factors will require work on your app. But that’s not all. Users will find problems, features will reveal the potential for refinement, and you will often discover a better way of doing what you were aiming to accomplish. Remember that the launch of your product is only the beginning. Take the time to review and constantly refine your product in response to your users and their needs. This will keep you relevant and successful for years to come.

Your Custom App & Marketing Team

The teams at netGalaxy Studios and Stingray Branding are here to help you take your app idea from concept to launched product. With experts in both app development and digital marketing, we’re uniquely prepared to help you not only bring an app to market but to make it successful. If you have an idea for an app or would like to explore what a custom app can do for your business, contact us today. Our team can’t wait to help you.

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