Being Your Brand – A Survival Guide

Feb 28, 2021

Not a day seems to go by that someone in the public eye makes a statement or takes an action that turns our heads. Wait a minute before you get upset with our direction because we’re not talking about your beliefs or your freedom to express them. What we’re talking about is the consequences of certain actions when you are the face of your brand. The truth is, being your brand can be really difficult and tricky for anyone, and it doesn’t take a political hot take to cause problems. Honestly, the simplest misstep can cause a lot of problems for you, your company’s reputation, and the team who works for you. With that in mind, we’d like to give you this article: Being Your Brand – A Survival Guide.

What Does It Mean to Be the Face of Your Brand?

Oftentimes, when we talk to clients about being the face of their brand, they can be unsure of whether or not they want to be that face. Some people aren’t even really sure what being the face of their brand means. Maybe they’ve been to a few networking events, met some other business owners, and think that’s it, they’re now the face of the brand. But there is a difference between being a business owner and being the face of your brand.

Being the face of your brand is a huge responsibility. Think about it, you are the face the personality, and the one human being associated with your business. When they think about calling you for your products or services, they are thinking about you as a person. What does that mean in shorthand? If they like you they want to do business. If they don’t they will look for anywhere else to go or possibly even go to great lengths to drive others away.

Being Your Brand – A Survival Guide

All of that said, remember that you don’t have to be the face of your brand, but if you don’t want to be you need to truly keep yourself distant. Why? Because being the face of your brand doesn’t have to be by choice.

Whether You Choose Or Not, Sometimes You Are the Brand

On the one hand, you can choose to be the face of your brand consciously. This is probably the preferable way. This way you know you are on stage and that the things you are saying and doing are directly representative of your brand. You can also tell your story and have that personal connection with your customers as a result. Deciding to be your brand is a really strong step for a business owner and their marketing.

But you don’t have to choose. Honestly, you can become the face of your brand without making an active decision. If your customers are really happy with your work, or really unhappy with it, they may choose to identify you as the face of the brand. Simply being the owner, or even just being captured in a social media photo may associate you. The point here is simple, whether you actively choose it or not, you can always end up being the face of your brand.

All Your Business Is Public

Everything you, or a friend, have posted on social media is public to some degree. Even if you come to regret something said in your past and you went to delete it, the truth is that most things put on the Internet will be there forever. Maintaining a positive reputation is a major part of a brand and vital if you’re the face of it. This is where that old “take a moment and count to ten” before responding advice comes into play.

It only takes one poor interaction to taint a reputation, one statement to make people question whether or not they want to do business with you.

Your Marketing’s Not Just About You

A critical point to remember if you are, either by choice or by circumstance, the face of your brand is that this isn’t about you. Your personal beliefs and opinions are just as important as anyone else’s, but in your case, the expression of those can have consequences for the people on your team. Too often we see people who are the faces for their given brands decide they have something to say and act like, for lack of a better term, reckless teenagers. They’re loud, crass, bold, and they are hurting their team.

Perhaps the best advice to remember about your interactions, if you are the face of your brand, is to ask what the fallout of a decision will mean for your team.

So What Do You Do?

Don’t worry. There are many things you can do to help with all of this. First, make that decision to always act as though you are the face of your brand. Acting as though you are always on stage will help you stay out of trouble and guide your business forward safely.

Second, set some strict guidelines. If you love to have conversations on social media, consider enhancing your privacy settings so that only your direct connections, people who actually know you, can see them. Also, consider implementing strict guidelines on what you will and won’t talk about. This may seem like an overreaction but, trust us, it will save you a lot of heartache in the long run.

Megaphone Be Brand

Finally, consider hiring a team to help. Many marketing and branding professionals are experts at reputation and social media management. These incredible people can help you create a powerful brand that serves you and your business well. They will also provide you with an exceptional sounding board for ideas and provide you with an advanced warning before you make a potentially disastrous mistake.

Remember, being the face of your brand is important. Don’t take it for granted, treat it with respect, and watch your business grow.

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