Achieving the Perfect SEO Page

Sep 25, 2018

achieve perfect SEO on your website page

Achieving perfect SEO (search engine optimization) for a page can be a little difficult. SEO is optimizing your content so that it shows up more frequently in search engine
results. Doing this correctly is insanely important for any business. If your SEO is not done correctly that means your content will not show up. Invisible content is not acceptable for businesses. Getting SEO right means more traffic, conversions, and sales on your website. The reason why securing ideal SEO is difficult is due to the internet forever changing and evolving. What worked last year might not work this year. Keeping yourself up to date on the topic is how you will stay on top. Here are some tips and tricks on how to obtain that flawless SEO!

1. Keyword Research

One of the only factors in SEO that have remained constant is keyword research. Finding the right keywords for your page is the most important tip. The right keywords are needed for your niche. Find the more popular words and phrases that go along with your business niche. The visibility of your website is highly dependent on your keyword choices. Keywords are also a main part of SEO because it not only brings traffic to your website but the right traffic. Any traffic is wonderful, but it is more beneficial to find the right traffic for your website. This should also be done frequently. Looking for new keywords and topics is always useful.

2. The Quality of your Content

Quality over quantity. Upping the quality of your content is incredibly helpful. Delete and get rid of posts that are hurting your website’s SEO, like posts that have a low word count or poor content. Posting content that has more meaning and is truly engaging is what will benefit your website. Make sure your content is useful and informative. Google Webmaster is a wonderful tool for this and their guidelines have valuable tips as well.

3. Onpage Optimization

Use some of your keywords within your posts. Overusing these keywords will become overkill but using them 2-3 times is perfect. Key parts of on-page optimization are page titles, readability, your URL, and H1 and H2 headings. Optimizing the images on your website is another helpful tip. Have title tags. Your URL should be clear and have order within. The content of the page should be quality and it should be engine appropriate. It should also have the appropriate links on the page.

4. User Engagement

User engagement is a key factor to focus on. Make sure that your posts are user-friendly and easy to read. Post videos! Use quality links and images. Implementing different types of media to your website makes your website look better. Every website owner should focus on user engagement. The more people see and interact with your website, the more sales you will have. Make sure you have a website that has a lot of dwell time. Users know if they do not like a website within the first 30 seconds. The more dwell time your website has, the higher your website will go on search engines. Users also tend to prefer videos so be sure to incorporate a video or two within your website.

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