Understanding SEO and Voice

Feb 26, 2020

Do you remember the first time you asked Siri a question? Maybe it was looking for a new restaurant or a nearby attraction. Or maybe you just messed with her and asked those now infamous questions, “Siri, where can I hide a body?” Voice search is increasingly important to businesses, and it’s growing more complex. The problem is that many businesses find themselves using the same old techniques for this new means of search. We wanted to take some time this month and help you consider some mental shifts for this new technology. Here are a few things to help you in understanding SEO and voice.

The Difference Between Written and Spoken

One of the biggest challenges for SEO in regard to voice search is going to be the difference between how we write and how we speak. Semantics are going to play a major role moving forward, and you will need to consider how your potential customer will be searching for you. Remember, what we write and how we speak is very different. As we move into this new mixed-search era, it’s going to be very important to optimize for two different ways of seeking information.

Reflect on the Customer Journey

What is it that you are trying to accomplish in communicating with your target customer? The truth is that this is the single most important piece of any marketing strategy, and it is also often ignored. Are you looking to educate? To influence a purchase decision? How will you get that person to the desired place? You need to take the time to understand the customer journey from their perspective. This will help you better understand keywords, messaging, and how they will ask via voice search. Additionally, it will be critical in the overall understanding of SEO and voice.

Anticipate Change

Voice search has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, and there’s no telling where it will go in the future. As with any technology, it’s important for you to stay current on it and continue to learn as it evolves. Become a student of voice search and the technology that drives it. Experiment with new changes and note what works versus what didn’t. This is key to becoming an expert in emerging technology and obtaining the edge in your industry.

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