Engage Your Consumers Through the Power of Storytelling

Jul 13, 2017

Storytelling is an important time-honored tradition in the Lowcountry, from the dramatic best-sellers of Lowcountry native Pat Conroy to the Gullah stories rooted in the struggles of slavery so many generations ago.

Successful marketers, especially those in the Charleston area, are drawing on the lessons learned from this time-honored tradition; Storytelling engages consumers on a personal level, establishing emotional relationships with potential customers.

Don’t tell your consumers about the benefits of your product or service – show them through a story!

Child psychologists have pointed out that many kinds of stories, such as fairy tales, contain instructions for dealing with the hazards of life carefully embedded in a narrative; While a small child may anxiously tune out a parent’s lecture about the dangers of wandering off alone, he will be more apt to listen to a cautionary tale – complete with protagonist, problem, and solution – that he can resonate with. Like small children, adult consumers, overwhelmed by the informational “lectures” about thousands of products and services and the anxiety of making choices, are ready to cover their ears with their hands to shut out the noise. Why not try a story – a true story! – about how your product or service has helped others?  Your consumers will be all ears!

According to Fast Company, 92% of consumers want brands to communicate through stories. A truthful, well-told story establishes the integrity of your product or service and quickly gains the trust of consumers. And, because your brand is unique, telling your story is an effective way to set your products and services apart from the competition.

Storytelling drives consumer action!

Finally, storytelling drives action. When consumers learn about a brand’s personality through a story, they begin to experience a relationship with that brand and, therefore, feel more inclined to take action —like signing up for a mailing list, calling for more information, and, ultimately, buying your product or service.  

Stories help consumers remember your brand.

The structure of the narrative can help consumers to recall important details. Stories are a more “human” form of communication; Consumer audiences tend to be more receptive to facts and other data when they are embedded in a story. Consumers are also more likely to remember those details- and recall your brand! – when the time comes to shop for the products and services that you provide.

Make your brand a bestseller!

As bestselling storytellers like Pat Conroy know, stories invite audiences to be a part of a larger, shared history. Stories are a vital point of connection to our past, our future — and to each other today. And that sense of connection could prove to be the strongest selling point of all.

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