How to Lead in Local SEO

Jan 19, 2019

The one thing about SEO that never changes is that it always changes. Every year we are learning more and more about SEO and learning new ways to achieve it. Local SEO is important for any business. Search engine optimization is the process of viability of a website in a search engine. Eighty-five percent of shoppers online look to buy from local businesses. SEO for your area is important because people want to purchase from local businesses. Learning and mastering new tactics for localized search engine optimization is a must. These services need to include optimization of both their off-site and on-site SEO tactics. There are several tactics to use to lead in local SEO.


Title and Meta Tags

The first tactic you can use are title and meta description tags. These two HTML elements are essential. They reflect your page content. The text you place inside your title tags will show up in search results. Writing your title and meta tags is an art that needs to be perfected.


Citations and Online Directories

The next tactic is citations and online directories. Enhancing and perfecting your local SEO so that your business is up to par with other local businesses is necessary. Being listed correctly and routinely on business directories online should be a priority for businesses. Be sure to get your business listed in local directories that are best known in your area.


Online Reviews

The third tactic would be online reviews. Consumers often rely on reviews. I do and I’m sure you do as well. No one wants to purchase something without knowing other people’s experiences. There are plenty of marketing tools and ideas that can help generate more reviews for your business.


Local Markup Schema

Local schema markup is our last tactic. Schema markup, otherwise known as structured data, is the language that search engines use. Using schema markup, you can help search engines learn more about your business.

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