How To Keep a Blogging Schedule

Sep 27, 2016

Blogging is one of the most important steps in a successful digital content campaign. It is a quick and simple way to spread your message to viewers and potential clients. Blogs are also a crucial part of any search engine optimization campaign.

By performing search engine optimization on your website you can work on showing up on the first page for different Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results. The more words you have on the page the better so Google knows whether the page matches what the user is searching for. Blogs are a fantastic way to optimize your website as you can easily get 1,000 to 2,000 words in a blog post discussing different topics you would like to appear high in search engine results.

Maintaining a blog schedule is where blogging gets difficult. As you attract more followers to your blog you need to show you are a reliable source of information. Whether you choose to blog daily, weekly, or monthly you need to maintain and follow a schedule so users know when they can expect a new blog from your website.

Why create a Blog Schedule?

Beyond just peace of mind, creating a blog schedule will help you focus your blog. You can schedule out content based on different topics so you cover 3 different topics in a week versus quickly, on the spot writing random blog posts.

With a blog schedule, you can also plan for holidays, vacations, and emergency events. When you have planned and scheduled your blog posts ahead of time you can skip a day or week of blogging without falling behind schedule because your blog posts are planned and pre-scheduled to post.

You can also vary your content between sponsored posts and non-sponsored posts (if you have sponsorships). This way you can have the sponsored posts that bring revenue into your blog while also maintaining a nice mixture of non-sponsored posts that keep it real for your readers.

Blog Schedule Tips:

Create a REALISTIC schedule

Do not aim to blog twice a day seven days a week if that is not a realistic goal for you and your business. Blogging is a fun and creative way to spread your knowledge to the world! If you burn out due to an unrealistic schedule, you will quickly lose motivation and will start your blogging campaign.

Create a realistic schedule that works with your work and home life. If you can only maintain a blog once twice a week or once every other week that is ok. It is more important to share good content and a polished message rather than throwing out daily blogs that are rambly or confusing.

Starting off, create a blog schedule that is realistic for what you can maintain. Then publish your content following that realistic schedule. You can always modify the schedule later if you find you can dedicate more time to your blog.

Create a Blogging Calendar

Once you have created a realistic blogging schedule in your head put the schedule to paper with a blogging calendar. You can create the calendar by hand or through the computer. A great tip is to take your calendar with you wherever you go so when inspiration for a blog post hits you make sure to add it to the calendar before you forget!

Schedule Your Blogs

Another tip we have found very useful is to schedule blog posts ahead of time. As a busy blogger, you can have a content writing day where you write blogs for a week or two ahead of time. You can then physically schedule the posts on your website. Then to maintain the blog you only need to check the website and reply to comments.

In WordPress, you can schedule blog posts easily. Simply select posts and write your blog like normal. Then in the publish box select edit beside publish immediately. You can change the date and time for the blog post and then select the schedule button.

It is a lot to think about creating your blog schedule but in the end, it will be so worth it. Planning a detailed blog schedule ahead of time and scheduling your blog posts will take a great weight off your shoulders. You can also establish a trustworthy relationship with your blog readers by maintaining a schedule so they know when to check back for new blog posts.

Good luck with your blogging success and check back here for more tips on blogs, social media, and digital marketing.


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