A Guide to Social Media: Google My Business

May 20, 2019

Recently, Google announced that Google+ would be shut down. Now, Google is taking Google My Business and turning it into more than just a business listing. They are turning it into a social media platform as well as a location service.

While Google My Business is not typically the first social media platform that comes to mind, it will soon become one of the most important. Having a Google Business Listing is a necessity for any business owner. Both optimizing your page and utilizing the page to the highest extent, are how you achieve a higher Google My Business Ranking.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

Optimizing your page is a key factor in achieving a better SEO ranking. To do this you need to follow certain steps. The first thing you need to do is use a branded profile picture and cover photo. This will make your Google My Business page more professional. Add in your business’s hours and be sure to include special holiday hours as well. Your business’s most updated phone number and address(es) should be included. Google My Business also has a ‘Services’ section – this is where you should add all of the services your business offers and include as many details as you can. Add what locations your business caters to. Lastly, add photos and videos of your business and what it has to offer! All of these steps are needed to fully optimize your business page.

How to Gain a Higher Ranking

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There are many factors that go into achieving a higher ranking on Google. Search Engine Optimization is arguably the most important part of Internet marketing. Google My Business plays a huge role in SEO on Google. Here are the steps to achieving that higher ranking:

  1. Verify your page. This will allow Google to know this is a real and valid business. Make sure your page is fully optimized.
  2. Run Ads for your business listing. When you search for a type of business on Google, the first few that come up are usually ones that have ads. This will allow people to find your business faster and easier.
  3. Have your clients and customers review your business. The more reviews that your business has, the higher your business will be ranked. Reviews show that your business is relevant and active.
  4. Respond to all of the reviews you receive. Listening and interacting with the consumer will allow your SEO ranking to be higher.
  5. Post on Google My Business three to five times a week. You want your Google My Business listing to be updated and relevant. If you are not active on your Google My Business, your ranking will be much lower.
  6. Keep your page as updated as possible. If anything about your business changes, update as soon as possible. Keep your business’s holiday hours updated as well.
  7. Have a question-and-answer section on your page. If there are questions that are often asked, have those readily available for your customers.
  8. Set up messaging on your page. Allow customers to interact with you and answer their questions.
  9. Add photos and videos to your page. Having current and updated photos on your page will boost your Google My Business ranking.

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