New Project Announcement: Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting

Jun 24, 2022

New Marketing & Branding for Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting

Here at Stingray Branding, we feel passionate about helping small businesses to maximize their full potential. So does Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting, which is why we are excited and honored to announce our new project with them! 

We were given the privilege to create their logo and website as well as some social media headers and graphics. Working with Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting has been such a pleasure, and our team at Stingray Branding is so excited to see how they grow and help other businesses to do the same.  


What is Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting?

Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting was created by Michael Stavrinakis after he realized the opportunities and rewards that can be found through franchising small businesses.  They have a simple goal – to take your business and turn it into a profitable franchise that gives you the ability to successfully retire at your convenience, and pair investors with the best business opportunities out there.

 They recognize the fulfillment that can be found in operating a small business, but they also have extensive knowledge of the untapped gold mine that lies on the other side of franchising. All of the small businesses that have partnered with Stavrinakis Franchise have turned a large profit as a result of their help and guidance. 


More About Michael Stavrinakis

Michael Stavrinakis enjoyed owning a small local restaurant, but he eventually wanted to expand his horizons. He decided to franchise his restaurant and very quickly realized that it was one of the best decisions he had ever made. This personal experience made him realize the full extent to which owners have the potential to grow their businesses. He decided that he wanted to help other business owners enjoy the same success that he earned.


Our Impact

After hearing about all of the great services that Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting provides, our team at Stingray Branding was excited to support their business through our marketing services. Learn more about our process and how we created these elements that make up the brand of Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting here:


stavrinakis franchise consulting logo by stingray brandingLogo Design and Branding

A lot of thought, consideration, and detail goes into creating a logo for a brand. After all, it is the main visual element that we associate brands with, essentially making it the most important element of our creative process. This single visual expression is responsible for representing the brand and all of its core values. 


For Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting, we recognized the need for a simple logo that focuses on conveying the ease and professionalism that comes with the services they provide. Additionally, Michael Stavrinakis is very proud and passionate about his Greek heritage, so we thought it would be a great idea to make Greecian blues the main focus and color for the branding. This color is also great for conveying the clean and corporate look we were aiming for as well. Our graphic designer did an incredible job with creating the concept of a pathway that forms the letter “S” of his last name. It was also very important that the logo was easy to duplicate and recognize as it will be used in print and various advertisements. 


Web Design For Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting


From our logo design and branding ideas, we developed the new website for Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting. This process consisted of learning about the details of the services they offer as well as the overall vision of their brand and the specific way they want it to be displayed. With all of this in mind, we set to work on creating the website. Our team combined exceptional design and engaging copy to create a final product that perfectly describes the business of Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting. Here is a brief overview of what most of the website consists of:



Stavrinakis franchise consulting website homepage created by stingray branding

The home page is very crisp and clean, and it gives a brief overview of what the company is all about. It includes internal links to learn more about the company and the services they provide in a way that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. 




The About page gives a more in-depth overview of the company and tells the inspiring story of Michael Stavrinakis. It also briefly details the three main services they offer so visitors know exactly what Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting can do for them. 




The website also features three pages dedicated to describing the services that are offered: franchise development, franchise brokerage, and restaurant brokerage. Each page is extremely educational and will help visitors and potential clients to determine exactly what they are looking for. 


Social Media For Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting


Brand identity is extremely important, which is why we also created social media headers, profile pictures, and graphics that match the branding guidelines of Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting. You can check out their Facebook to stay up to date on all of their news and announcements or just to see what their business is all about.

If you are interested in franchise development, franchise brokerage, restaurant brokerage, or just want to learn more about Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting, check out their website today! 

The process of working with Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting has been a very fulfilling experience with lots of challenges and opportunities to learn. Each project allows our team to learn something new and apply it to future endeavors, so we thank Stavrinakis Franchise Consulting and all of our other clients for their help in guiding us to find the best skills and practices in the marketing industry. 


Your Stingray Branding Team 


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