New Mobile App For Warrior Surf Foundation

Sep 15, 2022

New Project: Warrior Surf Foundation App 

When given the opportunity to build a new app for Warrior Surf Foundation we were more than delighted to take on the project. Our CEO is in the Air Force Reserves, so we are big on supporting veterans and the military overall. Coming to us with an already strong website, we understood the need for a mobile app as well. Organizations must be moving to mobile since that is where the people are. 

What is Warrior Surf Foundation? 

Stingray Branding New App Launch Home Page

Warrior Surf Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by American Combat Veterans that work to provide free surf therapy, wellness coaching, yoga, and community to Veterans struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, transition issues, and other mental health issues. They believe that all Veterans deserve the right to live lives to their fullest potential. They strive to enhance the psychological and physical well-being of Veterans, active duty service members, and their families through the experience of surfing.

Interface & Navigation

Interface and navigation may just be the most important component of any mobile app. It won’t matter how great the app’s content is if it isn’t easy to navigate and the interface is confusing. Users will get frustrated and may try to find the same information on search engines or lose interest altogether. Warrior Surf had specific wants and needs they wanted and didn’t want for the interface and navigation. They provided us with their intended integrations and what pages and tabs they wanted or didn’t want on the app. 

The app that we build comes with all of the needs they wanted satisfied. It gives users the ability to signup for their programs, veteran registration, upcoming events, and a chat feature just to name a few examples of the key features of the new WSF app. 

The Features 

Whatever you can find on the Warrior Surf website you can find on the app plus more. 


The home page is simple and easy to navigate. One of the first features you see is the program square. Once you click on the square it gives you options to take a look at a list of their programs, sign up for upcoming

 program events or veteran registration. 


The next square you see on the home page is the community square which gives you the full events calendar and chats feature. 


With the chat feature, you register an account and be able to chat with other members of the community. This is a way that they wanted to bring this community together and connect. 


The third square you see on the home page is the volunteer square. Once you click on the square you are given options to register to volunteer or sign up for a volunteer event. 


Donate is the last square you will see on the top of the home page. The donation square gives tons of options to donate one-time, monthly, or annually. You can dedicate your donation to honor or memory of someone. 

Upcoming Events 

Underneath the squares on the home page is upcoming events that will give you the three most upcoming events. 

Surf Report 

Under the upcoming events section on the home page is the surf report for the day. This is an integration that was added to update every day and give the current surfing conditions on folly beach. 


The next feature on the homepage is the news feature. This gives the most recent activities and blogs for the Warrior Surf Foundation. 

Folly Beach Surf Cam

The last feature on the homepage is the live feed of the Folly Beach surf cam. The cam gives a panoramic view of the in real time of Folly Beach. 

The side tab gives many other features and other ways to get to or back to content when off of the home page. This is a way to make navigation easier for users when going from section to section exploring the app. 

Veteran Crisis Line 

Stingray Branding New App Launch Warrior Surf Side Tab Options

The first thing after the home page on the side tab is the Veteran Crisis Line. This feature is a resource for Veterans and their loved ones to be able to contact someone confidentially when in a crisis. The crisis line gives24/7 support via phone, chat, or text. They are here for Veterans, Service Members, National Guard, Reserve Members, and family and friends. 


The next feature on the side tab is the profile. This allows you to register or sign into your Warrior Surf account. 

Welcome Packet 

The next feature after the ones that are on the home page is the Welcome Packet. This feature gives you a FAQ page and a bio of every member of the Warrior Surf Team. 


Below the welcome packet is the About feature that gives you an overview of what Warrior Surf Foundation is all about. 

Follow Us 

This feature gives an easy way to find and go to all of the Warrior Surf Foundation’s social media. 


The merch feature takes you to their shop where you can browse and buy their current selection of t-shirts, hoodies, and more. 


A feature that allows you to submit videos and photos of content you got from attending a recent event or program. 


The last feature on the side tab is where users can take a look at the photos from recent events or programs. 



Download app now at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store 


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