New Small Business Package: Meister Agency

Jun 24, 2021

New Small Business Package:  Meister Agency

One of the things we’re proudest of is our work with businesses of every size and industry. Over the years we’ve worked with restaurants, service businesses, and professionals of all shapes and sizes. That’s why we were so excited to work on this Small Business Package project for our friends at the Meister Agency. Launching this year, our team was incredibly excited to help take a business owner’s ideas and values, translate them into a cohesive brand that will be incredible for years to come. 

The Meister Agency partners with their clients to help them navigate the world of insurance products so they can find what they need to help them fulfill their goals and protect their dreams. The dedication of this locally owned and operated business leads to a level of one-on-one interaction that creates customer service second to none. When paired with an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise, the Meister Agency becomes the type of project we’re excited about. 

Logo and Brand Standards

Developing a logo for a new brand involves a lot. You need to look at the target market, the services provided, and the core values of the business to convey them in a single visual expression.

The Meister Agency specializes in working with Millenials, educating them about planning for their future, and helping them implement strategies to achieve their goals. So we wanted to design a modern logo, but not something that would chase away older customers while trying to attract the ideal client. This kind of balance is vital in logo design and formed the cornerstone of our work.

This logo also needed to be professional and clear. Something that would inspire confidence in the capabilities of the Meister Agency. With these ideas in mind, our team designed the first round of logos. This broad array was presented with a wide range of options, acting as a base for the decision from the client.

From our review with the client, the fourth and sixth logos we similar to what they wanted. We worked to merge those logos for our second round.

As we moved through the combination of those logos, we experimented with new script styles and naming conventions, eventually landing on this final logo.

Our logo designs, and the work involved in them, form the basis for our brand standards guide. This lists the fonts, both logo and web, as well as the colors and logo variants. For this particular brand, we selected a color palette that works for the younger audience and conveys the combination of professional/experienced advisors and the relaxed experience we were aiming for. The gradient alternative logo is a special touch and was used in the development of social media graphics.


From these brand standards, our team went to work on the website for the Meister Agency. Our team met with the business owner, discussing their vision for the brand, the details of their offerings, and the specifics involved in designing an effective website. From there we applied for our graphic design and branding work with carefully curated copy and top-notch design. The resulting website provides the look, feel, and user experience that reflects this amazing new brand. 

Home Page

The home page is a crisp, clean, and modern design. It conveys professionalism and keeps a strong focus on serving the prospective client quickly and easily. Calls to action are featured in two locations before the fold, helping to drive visitors to the desired actions quickly and cleanly.

About Page

Your brand needs to establish connection and trust. With this website, our team worked to meld visual elements and carefully crafted copy to convey the value behind working with the Meister Agency.

FAQ Page

We built a clean and user-friendly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for the Meister Agency. This allows prospective clients to find answers to common questions, creating value for them in an easy and time-saving way. Dropdowns allow the customer to find their question and that specific solution, rather than digging through endless content.

Contact Page

Social Media

A brand’s identity must be reflected on all of its platforms. The website should match social media, print media, ads, etc. to provide a consistent impression for potential clients. With the Meister Agency, our team created social media banners and graphics that reflected the brand standards while keeping a clean, professional, and modern look for the company. These banners visually connect to all of their other brandings, providing a consistent message that’s important for new brands.

How’d we do?

Building a new brand is an incredibly rewarding process and we look forward to seeing where the Meister Agency ends up in the years to come.

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