New Project Announcement: Cluver Psychiatric Group

Jun 16, 2022

“Psychiatric illnesses should be treated in the same way we treat other medical problems – with compassion, open dialogue, and a firm basis in science. Through accurate diagnosis and personalized care, we can achieve remission and restore quality of life.” This is the ideology of Dr. Jeffrey Cluver, a board-certified psychiatrist as well as the owner of Cluver Psychiatric Group. 


Our team at Stingray Branding agrees with these sentiments wholeheartedly, which is why we are so proud and excited to announce our project with Cluver Psychiatric Group. Mental Health is a highly prevalent topic in society, so we take a great deal of pride in being able to support this practice by showcasing their services and expertise. 


What is Cluver Psychiatric Group?


Cluver Psychiatric is a private practice that offers personalized psychiatric services to clients in the Greater Charleston area. They are the first private practice on Daniel Island, and they primarily cater to the successful demographics within the community. In addition to psychiatric diagnoses, they offer many different kinds of therapy, including medication therapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and several more. 


They value science and data to arrive at a proper diagnosis, so they use evidence-based treatments to meet individual needs and goals in a compassionate, supportive environment. 


More About Dr. Jeffrey Cluver


Dr. Jeffrey Cluver is a long-time resident of the Charleston area and has two decades of experience working as a psychiatrist. He completed his residency at the Medical University of South Carolina and is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He recognizes the need to normalize mental health in society and is passionate about helping those who need it in the Charleston area. 


Our Impact


After hearing about all of the great services that Cluver Psychiatric Group provides, our team at Stingray Branding was excited to support their practice through our marketing services. We were able to provide a variety of services including web design, logo design, business cards, and social media management. Learn more about our process and how we created these elements that make up the brand of Cluver Psychiatric here:


Logo Design and Branding

Cluver Psychiatric Group logo created and designed by Stingray Branding

We started the project with the logo design as it is the first and most important element of our creative process. Our client communicated their branding ideas and needs in a clear and extremely helpful manner, so we were able to tailor our graphic design skills to their wants and needs. 


They wanted their branding to consist of gold, black, and white to convey an elegant and clean-cut feeling that would appeal to their successful demographic in Charleston. Likewise, they requested the use of Acuta and Calibri for their fonts for the same reason. As for their actual logo, they wanted to stay rooted in clinical science, so our graphic designer came up with the idea of the brain, composed of several flowing nerves to indicate the clinical and neurological services provided by Cluver Psychiatric Group. It utilizes the gold accent color of the brand to stand out and convey brand recognition in a simplistic way.  


Business Cards


For the business cards, we wanted to create a very simple and straightforward design that focused on conveying what the brand actually is instead of focusing on super detailed design elements. It follows the minimalistic and clean-cut style that was promised to the client. We still included the brain logo and added the location and contact information to allow potential clients the opportunity to contact Cluver Psychiatric Group when it suits them best. 


home page of cluver psychiatric group website by stingray brandingWeb Design


The website design for Cluver Psychiatric Group follows the same brand standards as the other elements within our project. We aimed for a very elegant and simple design style that focuses on displaying the client’s services in a way that is easy to navigate and understand. The website includes all of the psychiatric services that they provide as well as ways to contact them and access the patient portal (for new and established patients alike). 


Social Media


For Cluver Psychiatric’s social media, we created cover photos and profile pictures that exude the simple and elegant brand found in all other aspects of our project. Their social media accounts can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and they will provide additional information and announcements for both existing and potential clients. 


If you are interested in the services provided by Cluver Psychiatric Group or want to learn more about their practice, take a look at their website. 


The process of working on this project for Cluver Psychiatric Group has been a very rewarding experience with lots of unique challenges, successes, and opportunities to learn. Each project gives our team the opportunity to learn something new and apply it to future endeavors, so we thank the Cluver Psychiatric Group and all of our other clients for their help in guiding us to find the best skills and practices in the marketing industry. 


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