Create and Write a Blog, Step by Step

Jun 16, 2016

Stingray Branding in Charleston, SC loves to watch our clients grow. One of the great ways to help your Search Engine Optimization, website traffic, and ultimately your sales is to blog on a regular basis. Below is our step by step guide on how to physically login and create the blog as well as some tips and tricks to help make it more impactful.

Write the Blog

Step 1: Login to your website

Go to and use your username and password to login. If you do not know what this, contact your web developer or Stingray Branding (if you are our client).

Step 2: Click on Posts, Then Add New

Locate this on the left side of your screen in the menu. Once you are on the Posts screen, click Add New Post at the top.

Step 3: Write a Blog

Create the Title

You will want to put a catchy title to your blog at the top, keep in mind what you put here will also be the website link (see right below the title). You can edit the link and should to make it as concise and close to the search term you are writing about as possible.

Create the Content

Most of our clients sites have the ability for you to write the blog article like an email or word document (as long as you are working in the visual tab, look at the top right of the editing area). Make sure to use bold, italics, block quotes, aligning, columns, hyperlinks back to pages on your site or referenced materials, and add media (pictures, downloadable files, videos, etc). If you want to get crazy and help your SEO, add header tags (<h1-h6>) tags using the text tab (in the top right). You add them by typing “<h1>” before what you want to say and “</h1> ” after your title or search term (ideally it should be both). Using these creates titles on the page AND helps establish keyword priority/relevance to Google and other search engines. (our titles and subtitles on this page are created using header tags, or h tags).

Step 4: Optimize your Post for Search Engine Performance

At the bottom, for our clients only, make sure to fill in the Title Tag based on the search term your article is about, the title, your company, and related keywords. Then fill in the meta description. Write 140 characters that repeat the search term, your company, and the related keywords to your blog article.

Step 5: Choose a Featured Image

On the bottom right, click “Set featured image” and choose the image you want to appear on social media and other locations as the main picture for your blog article.

Step 6: Choose your Tags and Categories

Above featured image, input your related tags (keywords) for the article using commas to separate the keywords. Select the applicable category or create a new category in the section above tags.

Step 7: Finish It.

Lastly, click “Save Draft” in the top right of the page if you intend to work more on the article before making it live.

Edit the Publish date/time if you prefer to have the article “go live” on a certain day or time, this is handy if you want to take a few hours to create all of your blog content for the month and still want it to go out over the course of the month.

Or, click “Publish” (blue button) if you want the article to “go live” at that moment.

Tips for creating quality blog content:

Most Important: Write for a reason.

You should take the time to identify why and who you are writing for. The goal of a blog article is to get people to read it and share it. So when writing, the content should be interesting, useful, or both. Typically the best blog articles either exist to tell a story/news or help the reader. You should have identified your audience before starting so the you can effectively use terminology, references, and facts that appeal to your targeted demographic.

Second: Choose your title and headings.

Think about what kind of a title would make you click on it from Facebook or a Google search. It’s not just about the facts, but making the title catchy so that it creates a desire for the person to want to read your article. If you are writing for social media engagement, it should be all about how catchy the title is. If you are writing for Google searches, you should be thinking of what your potential readers would be searching for on Google that would lead to them finding your article and then reading it.

Plan out what you want for your heading tags based on how you want the content to flow, what is important, and the keywords that you want your site ranked for.

Third: Write your Intro, and make it GREAT.

Your intro statement has to be great. You get a few sentences to a paragraph at best for the potential reader to determine if they really want to read your article. Make sure you use bold, italics, or color to help make certain keywords stand out.

Use Links: Make sure you put hyperlinks in your article to other articles on your site and to pages in your site. This helps to inform Google of important pages on your site and directs the crawlers to go look at those pages. It can also be helpful to link to other CREDIBLE websites if you are writing about information that is relevant to their site, but remember links to other sites can also result in people and the Google crawlers leaving too.

Last: Edit and Proofread

Send your blog article to us, Stingray Branding, to be proofread and tweaked for SEO. At a minimum, always re-read what you write to make sure it sounds right.

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