kym swanger, stingray branding creative director for website design and mobile apps

Kym Swanger

Creative Director


Education: Graphic and Interactive Design

Schools: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Sports Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Yankees

“When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind” – Chester Bennington

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Versatile Designer, Brilliant Developer, App Creator

Kym Swanger is a brilliant web and mobile app designer. She takes pride in working with our clients to bring their unique mobile application ideas to life through user-focused wireframing and prototyping, as well as delivering websites with an engaging presence and seamless user experience.

Kym is a proud native of the rolling Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania, but after visiting Charleston just once, she fell in love with the rich culture and growing tech community, and decided to pursue her career in the Holy City.

Her other passion besides design is the color guard. Kym still likes to toss her flag around in the backyard from time to time. Outside of the office, Kym enjoys spending time with her boyfriend James, their dogs, and her family. She loves traveling, gardening, photography, and detailing and driving her Mustang, fondly named Robin.

Building Your Dream Website or App

App development is a fascinating field. Maybe that’s why so many people are intimidated by it. Every day someone has an idea for an app that can truly improve life and business for people. But they never do anything with the idea because they don’t know how to make it a reality. Our team of developers understands this problem really well. We’re passionate about taking your app ideas from conception to beautiful reality. It’s making your dreams come true, and that’s a great business to be in.


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