Corporate Identity in Charleston

Establishing a corporate identity in Charleston through effective branding and uniform design is critical. The ultimate goal of branding and design is to ensure your customers remember your brand and can easily identify you when they see your marketing throughout the Lowcountry region of South Carolina. This starts with the foundational tasking of designing the graphics for your business. Our Eagle Ray Package includes the basics for branding a new business in Charleston, including your new logo, business cards, social media banners, website, and more. Whether you just need the basics, or you want a complete branding overhaul to ensure every document, flyer, sales item, and piece of marketing material you use encompass your corporate identity, we can help you.


Logo Design

Our graphic designer takes in your ideas, vision, and target audience to create a perfect logo to represent your company and services. Start with a concept meeting, end with perfection.

Sales Materials

We've all seen the attempted flyer or sales presentation a new salesperson has put together. Let's be honest, it should be done better. We do better for you so you don't have to.

Business Cards

Business cards continue the impression you leave in a person's mind after you leave the area. It's important they stand out as much as you do with custom design and creative paper stock.

Event Promo Materials

Event Marketing has a significant need for high-quality graphics to ensure your sponsors, vendors, and brand stands out. Our team can help you create your marketing ROI.

Social Media Banners

Creating a consistent theme across your marketing is important. Our graphic designers will help your company look professional and stand out from your competitors on all platforms.

Flyers & Brochures

Printed materials are one of the oldest forms of marketing. Rack cards, tri-folds, flyers, handouts, and other printed materials are great to leave behind to explain services, prices, and more!

Letterhead & Documents

We create a custom letterhead design in PDF, Word, and other formats for you to use to print on, write on, and more. This ensures every document you use has your company information on it.


We create a variety of presentations for conferences, media kits, sales guides, powerpoints, and more. Having an effective presentation can change your perception drastically.

Create A Uniform Corporate Identity Like This

When you are leveraging multiple resources to advertise and grow your business throughout Charleston, it’s vital that all of the platforms maintain synergy in your advertising to establish a strong corporate identity or brand. Even the slightest deviation from your brand colors can result in an ad missing its’ mark. Our team of talented graphic designers and marketing strategists will help you ensure that each piece used in your marketing and advertising is consistent with your brand colors, fonts, and messaging to establish an identity that can be recognized anywhere in Charleston and that relates to your audiences.

We’ll set up your Social Media Pages in Charleston to STAND OUT!

When setting up your social media pages, it’s critical that you set up every setting correctly. When you are trying to run or set up a business, that can be rather difficult. Our Charleston marketing team alleviates the entire workload for you. We can set up, or optimize, all of the social media profiles and business listings you need for your Charleston business. Properly and thoroughly set up your social media profiles and business listings can help with your Search Engine Optimization, improving the ability for Lowcountry customers to find you, establish a complete digital presence throughout the region, and ensure that you don’t allow the platforms to create pages for you, which could have incorrect information and bad images shown.


When establishing a social media presence, you've got to start with the giant. We create your Facebook Page with custom graphics, a well-written description, all settings set up correctly, instant replies and automation, and verification to ensure your page is ready for success for your marketing.


LinkedIn is the social media platform for businesses and business professionals to connect. It's important your company has a presence for Human Resources, business awareness, name and address optimization, and to provide a complete brand presence.

Google My Business

Google wants your local business to succeed. They even created the ability for businesses to easily be added to Google Maps, shown at the top of searches on Google, and to have all of the information about your business easily accessible to people trying to find you.


Should every business be on Instagram? No. Should most? Probably, most likely a large segment of your customer base is. If you are a B2C business, the answer is yes 90% of the time. If you are a B2B business, the answer is maybe. Regardless, we can set this up for you.


Twitter can be a very effective communication platform for your business to stay connected and to provide real-time customer service to your customers and vendors. By monitoring your hashtags, name, and handle on Twitter, you can grasp a solid perception of your customer's needs.

Apple Maps

Most people are aware that you need to have a Google My Business Listing to be on Google Maps. What you may not know is that Apple Maps is a completely different platform and you can submit your business information to Apple just like you can on Google.

Review Platforms

Most platforms that are for reviews like Yelp or TripAdvisor have AI's that will create profiles for you if you don't do it yourself. Our team can get a profile created for you so that you can control your online reputation instead of allowing the platforms to control it for you.

TikTok & Snapchat

Video Platforms have taken a large portion of the market share of people's attention over the last 3 years. With the right content and strategy, they can create very strong brand awareness for companies. Let us help you determine if this can be useful for you and how to move forward.

Let Us Set Up Your Social Media Pages

What do you get when you have Stingray Branding set up your Charleston social media profiles for you? That’s a great question. To start, you don’t have to spend valuable time working on an area that you may not feel comfortable with. You also can feel assured that the accounts have been set up correctly, with no setting not set. Here are just a few things that we do when we are setting up your social media profiles:

  • Establish Usernames & Custom URLs
  • Create & Add Custom Cover/Profile Pictures
  • Add all contact info, services, & descriptions
  • Set up all instant replies
  • Guidance to begin building your following
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Launch Your Own Social Media

Want to set up your own social media pages and begin to grow your following? We want you to get started too! Download our e-book by giving us your email below to receive our complimentary e-book on how to set up and grow your own Charleston social media presence. Of course, if you start working on your social media and get confused or need help, we’re still here for you! Our E-Book covers the basics of getting started with:

  • Customizing your Settings
  • Branding
  • Setting up Your URL
  • Growing your Social Media
  • & Verifying your Pages
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The Stingray Branding Difference

Working with a Charleston marketing company isn’t a one-size fits all endeavor. Every company has different needs, budgets, and visions. Often a business owner will work with multiple companies, each of them specializing in a given area. You may have a Charleston website company that builds your custom website, a graphic designer, a copywriter, a social media expert, a Google Ads expert, a strategist, a couple of assistants, a photographer, and possibly even an app developer to fill out every little part of your marketing.

Is your marketing overwhelming?

You’re not alone. Stingray Branding is a one-stop shop for all of your Charleston marketing and branding needs. Our team can help you create, reimagine, revitalize, or refresh your company’s brand, helping you focus on growth instead of trying to keep track of too many emails.

Need a custom website? Our team can do it. New logo? We’ve got you covered. Are you looking for a full partner to act as the CMO for your growing brand? Our team can even do that too. We do it all. So if you want to partner for your Charleston marketing and branding needs, let’s talk.