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Branding can be one of the most intimidating subjects for a business owner. It doesn’t need to be. Our Graphic Design Services are designed to help you build a vibrant, dynamic brand. Our design team is the very best, bringing incredible artistic talent and a keen understanding of the science behind visual branding to every project. But don’t take our word for it.

We offer the highest quality branding services in Charleston for:

Charleston Graphic Design | Charleston Logo Design | Charleston Corporate Identity Development

Charleston Branding For Charleston Businesses

Our Charleston branding strategy for your business is all based on your goals and vision. Every business is different. Some businesses want to stay small and focus on the highest level of service possible. Other businesses want to be large and serve thousands of customers. A few of our clients are just focused on helping citizens and not even earning a profit, but need help reaching those they can help. Regardless of what kind of company you are and what your goals are, our branding strategy can help. With professional graphic design, custom-made designs, and a sound strategy to reach your ideal clientele, our Charleston marketing agency is sure to help you swim!

Meet With Our Team

You meet with our design team and tell us more about your business. What you do, why you do it, and how you do it helps us get an insight into the brand identity you are truly going for. We will review ideas you’ve had, colors or design elements you want, and anything you want to avoid. 

Initial Graphic Designs

Based on that initial conversation, our design team will work on a series of initial designs representing the elements you want and the brand you are trying to create. We send those to you and wait for your feedback as you consider what we’ve made and where you think it needs to go.

Graphics Revision

Taking your feedback on the initial designs, we work on developing the branding of your dreams through a client-focused revision process. We take your feedback, as well as your strategic objectives, and help to find that final design for you.

Finalize Your Brand

Once we’ve hit the mark, we develop your brand standards and any other visual elements in formats that will make them easy to use for business cards, websites, social media, or whatever else you need that special visual branding touch for.

Stingray Branding Baseball Field Graphic
Stingray Branding Charleston Graphic Designer Juneteenth Event Flyer
Stingray Branding Juiceria Flyer Graphic
Stingray Branding Charleston Graphic Design
Charleston Company Stingray Branding Graphic Design

Charleston Graphic Design

A Charleston graphic designer is kind of like a magician. Or a really cool Stingray. Our graphic designers take the vision, descriptions, and understanding of who your ideal clientele is and create amazing designs that create a lasting impression on everyone that sees them. Our graphic designers embrace the special challenge that they get with every flyer, logo, business card, brochure, or banner that they have to create.

How do we create a visual design that will catch your customer’s attention, the first time they see it? A particularly challenging question that we value is;  How do we ensure your graphic design item connects with your customer and accomplishes all that you need it to? Our team has a lot of pride in our work, and knowledge that the results we produce address these questions while delivering a stunning design. When you hire Stingray Branding, we know you demand exceptional quality and phenomenal customer service. We deliver that time and time again.

Charleston Logo Design

Have you seen a logo that you thought was boring? Probably, but we bet you don’t remember it. If your logo is boring and doesn’t connect with your target audience, they won’t remember you either. Logos serve a multitude of purposes – brand recognition, conveying a purpose, communicating dates, and more. Every logo is intended to be unique, communicate to your Charleston audience, and be versatile to be used in multiple locations.

Stingray Branding Logo Design
Stingray Branding Logo Design
Stingray Branding Logo Design
Stingray Branding Logo Design
Stingray Branding Logo Design
Stingray Branding Logo Design

Corporate Identity

Ensuring your company has a unified brand throughout your graphics and digital marketing is critical. When you are working to grow your company and brand awareness, continuity is vital. Our team ensures that all of your marketing matches and stands out. We continue your brand strategy through your business cards, letterhead, social media, digital marketing, website design, brochures, and more.

The Stingray Branding Difference

Working with a Charleston marketing company isn’t a one-size fits all endeavor. Every company has different needs, budgets, and visions. Often a business owner will work with multiple companies, each of them specializing in a given area. You may have a Charleston website company that builds your custom website, a graphic designer, a copywriter, a social media expert, a Google Ads expert, a strategist, a couple of assistants, a photographer, and possibly even an app developer to fill out every little part of your marketing.

Is your marketing overwhelming?

You’re not alone. Stingray Branding is a one-stop shop for all of your Charleston marketing and branding needs. Our team can help you create, reimagine, revitalize, or refresh your company’s brand, helping you focus on growth instead of trying to keep track of too many emails.

Need a custom website? Our team can do it. New logo? We’ve got you covered. Are you looking for a full partner to act as the CMO for your growing brand? Our team can even do that too. We do it all. So if you want to partner for your Charleston marketing and branding needs, let’s talk.

Curious about your next steps? Meet with our team to discuss your Charleston branding strategy!