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The majority of purchases and decisions go to the top-ranking websites on page 1 of search engines. Search Engine Marketing – Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Ads, must be part of every Charleston business’s marketing strategy. Search Engine Marketing is the most cost-effective marketing method in Charleston and elsewhere to generate leads for short-term and long-term plans. If you spend hundreds or thousands on a new beautiful website, why wouldn’t you invest in making it successful?

Charleston Search Engine Rankings & Ads

Let’s face it, there are a lot of digital marketing companies in Charleston to choose from. What makes Stingray Branding different? Well, many things do, but if we had to identify one thing above all else, it would be the incredible team we have driving every design, decision, and result. Our team brings over 50 combined years of experience, from extensive agency design strategies to starting up and driving SEO strategies for top trending blogs and companies. That kind of experience takes a simple idea and turns it into a revolutionary brand in the mind of every potential customer being reached.

We’re passionate creators and marketers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts that live in Charleston and that love to bring business owner dreams into a beautiful, fully-defined reality to improve the city we all live in. That’s what makes Stingray Branding different, and how we get the results we do, by combining different thoughts and methodologies into cohesive strategies and designs. When you choose our Charleston SEO company, we work for you and will take you from the bottom to the absolute top of your market.


Review Current SEM

You start by meeting with our SEO & marketing team to tell us your story, your vision, and your goals. We then review your current SEO results and website performance to ensure your search engine marketing is set up to perform well.


Your SEO Foundation

After reviewing your current Charleston search engine marketing, we’ll ensure you have a solid SEO foundation for your website that is ready to improve in search rankings and convert your new visitors to new leads.


Optimize Your SEM

We perform weekly tweaks to your Charleston SEO and pay-per-click ads for your search engine marketing to ensure your website remains optimized based on Google & Bing’s algorithm changes.


Review & Refine

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing is a continuous process. Google & Bing make regular changes to their platforms and SEO algorithms daily. We will regularly meet with you to review these and make changes to your Charleston marketing strategy.

Search Engine Marketing in Charleston

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a fundamental form of digital marketing in Charleston, SC that involves promoting websites by increasing their visibility on search engines. Basically, this is all of the behind-the-scenes work involved in making your website, and thus your business, a star on Google. Think about the value of that first-page listing during your average Google search. We know that less than 1% of searchers will move beyond that first page of search results, so your SEM is vital for the visibility and success of your business in Charleston and beyond. It’s important to be visible, clear, and early in their results. Charleston sees tens of thousands of visitors, and thousands of new residents, and has a population of over 1 Million people. Even if you have the best word-of-mouth marketing and reputation, those are a lot of people that will have never heard of your business, and coming up a the top of the search engine results can catapult your business revenue from the Charleston marketplace.

How do we do this? It’s a combination of different services and tactics, incorporated into a larger-scale local Charleston marketing strategy that focuses on your clear goals for your business. By incorporating a wide variety of tools from SEO to Search Ads, our Charleston SEO company provides a data-driven process that constantly reviews results and adapts to changing conditions. With the dynamic nature of the digital marketing world, you can’t afford anything less than this.

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Charleston Search Engine Optimization

Our Charleston search engine optimization company is ready to turn your website into a revenue resource. Your website serves new customers with the ability to discover your services and products. Then they should be able to contact you or purchase from you. With proper SEO, this process should be very easy for your customers locally in Charleston and nationally. 

Your website also serves as a resource for your existing customers to learn about additional services or products to purchase, changes to your operation, and more. With proper local and regional SEO, we can ensure your customers can easily find and interact with your brand. 

Charleston Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click Management

Google Ads and pay-per-click campaigns can significantly change your revenue in your Charleston business. PPC allows you to put an ad for your company at the top of search engine results pages and on hundreds of thousands of websites. Leveraging PPC can give you an advantage over your competitors throughout Charleston and in other markets that will help supplement your leads while you wait for your website to improve its organic search engine ranking, expand into new target markets without damaging your SEO in Charleston, and more.

The Stingray Branding Difference

Working with an SEO company isn’t a one-size fits all endeavor. Every company has different needs, budgets, and vision. Often a business owner will work with multiple companies, each of them specializing in a given area. You may have a website company who builds your custom website, but often design from template. A graphic designer, freelance copywriter, social media expert, Google Ads expert, strategist, couple of assistants, photographer, and possibly even an app developer to fill out every little part of your marketing.

Does it seem overwhelming?

You’re not alone. Stingray Branding is a one-stop shop for all of your marketing and branding needs. Our SEO company can help you create, reimagine, revitalize, or refresh your company’s brand, helping you focus on growth instead of trying to keep track of too many emails.

Need a custom website? Our team can do it. New logo? We’ve got you covered. Are you looking for a full partner to act as the CMO for your growing brand? Our team can even do that too. We do it all. So if you want to partner with a one-stop shop for your marketing and branding needs, let’s talk.

Looking for all the marketing necessities? We have packages that cover all the basics to grow.


Our agency serves clients around the world with the highest quality marketing, design, and apps.

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