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If your app idea is original, there’s a high likelihood that it will need to be built completely from the ground up. Our Charleston Native Mobile App Developer Team is perfect for you and your needs. Based on your prototype/wireframe, our mobile app development team will develop your new custom native mobile app for Apple & Android devices as well as the web, when needed. We will keep you informed every step of the way, creating the native mobile app of your dreams in a transparent and effective way. When it’s time to launch, you can rest easy knowing the development has been just the way you wanted and the app is even better than you envisioned.

Native Mobile Apps

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The Charleston Mobile App Process

Charleston Mobile App Consultation

Every Mobile App developed in Charleston starts off with a consultation to verify that your idea for an app creates value for consumers, that your idea is possible to be made into a mobile app, and that your app will provide continued value so people will keep using it over and over, and most importantly, that your mobile app can generate revenue or cut costs. We want to ensure that customers developing mobile apps in Charleston thoroughly understand who they are developing it for, what the main purpose of the app is, how the app will accomplish fulfilling the need for the main purpose, and that you have the plan to generate a Return On Investment from the mobile app.

Prototype & Wireframe

A prototype is essentially like the blueprints for a house. We have to know everything about the design, capabilities, integrations, and functionality of the app. We go through a multi-hour mobile app design session meeting with you in our office in Charleston or on video to gather all of this information. We then mock up a digital prototype that shows you exactly what the mobile app is going to look like. Accompanying the prototype is a workflow document, that goes page by page through the prototype, documenting every single detail of the functionality of the app. Once we have an approved mobile app prototype we quote for the development of the app. If you don’t already have a prototype, this is where the app process starts for you.

Charleston Mobile App Development

Now that we have a Mobile App Prototype done, we begin coding the mobile app. The development of most native apps in Charleston is a three-to-six-month process, depending on the size and complexity of the app. We do a review when the design is coded to verify it matches the prototype and another review when the native mobile app is finished. After the initial build of the mobile app and a private internal review with you, we begin testing.

Alpha & Beta testing are each 2-week periods, where you will choose up to 5-20 people to go through and test every feature of the native mobile app. We’re trying to break the mobile app or find functionality that doesn’t work so that we can ensure your app is without flaws when we release it in the Apple & Android stores.

Wingive Native Mobile App Stingray Branding App Development
Native Mobile App Stingray Branding App Development
North Charleston Chamber of Commerce Native Mobile App Stingray Branding App Development
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Charleston Mobile App Prototype

Your Prototype & Wireframe is the first step in getting a custom native mobile app in Charleston. The prototype and wireframe document serves as the blueprint for our team, or any other app coding team, for what you want your app to look like and how you want it to function.

This is a critical item that should not be taken lightly in your mobile app development process. Our team ensures your prototype has every page, setting, and smallest detail included in it. This makes certain that your actual app will be built how you want it to and perform the way you intended it to.

What is covered in a Prototype & Wireframe?

Welcome to our app wireframe services in Charleston! Our team is here to help turn your app concept into a reality. We understand that starting an app project can be overwhelming, which is why we offer a comprehensive wireframing service to help you visualize and plan the layout and functionality of your app. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, we work closely with you to ensure that all your app needs are met. Our expert team of designers and developers will collaborate with you to brainstorm innovative ideas, create user-friendly designs, and establish a solid foundation for your app. At our core, we believe that great apps start with a solid plan. That’s why our wireframes are designed to be interactive and intuitive, making it easy for you to map out the flow of your app and ensure that all the important features are included. From there, we can help you take the next steps toward building your dream app. So if you’re ready to turn your app idea into a reality, look no further than our mobile app wireframe services in Charleston. Let us help you build the app of your dreams!

Like the blueprints and mockups of a house or building, we cover EVERYTHING. Looks, functionality, position, animation, transitions, specialty features, your purpose, your intended audience, platforms it will be on, and how you will generate revenue or save on costs are all detailed. Building an app is like building software, it is very complex and that are multiple opportunities for miscommunication and mistakes. We really want to prevent those from happening, so our package will include:

  • Exactly what every page is going to look like
  • What every page is going to do
  • How it’s going to function
  • Where it’s going to send its data
  • How it’s going to pull its data
  • How it’s going to connect to its database
  • And more.

Download A Few of Our Native Apps


This app was the mastermind of Scott Arrington to bring the passion of sports to the world of Non-Profit Fundraising. Fans can support their favorite teams and charities at the same time!

Download the WinGive App

This app was the mastermind of Scott Arrington to bring the passion of sports to the world of Non-Profit Fundraising. Fans can support their favorite teams and charities at the same time!

Download the WinGive App
She Plays

Our client She Plays wanted to grow awareness and engagement around Women's Sports. So they partnered with us to build the first-ever women's fantasy sports app.

Download the She Plays App
She Plays

Our client She Plays wanted to grow awareness and engagement around Women's Sports. So they partnered with us to build the first-ever women's fantasy sports app.

Download the She Plays App

Charleston Native Mobile Apps

Getting a native mobile app in Charleston built by Stingray Branding can revolutionize your organization. Check out these examples!


Partnering with Trident Technical College, we launched the My Apprentice app. This app is a pinnacle piece of the apprenticeship program from Trident Tech. Prior to the app, employers, apprentices, and administrators had to log all of their notes, hours, and training manually using an honor system to verify it. With the My Apprentice app, all of the information that they need to successfully run the program is now collected automatically.


WinGive is a new concept that combines the passion for sports with the love of charities. We helped Scott build the entire concept into an app with a management system, automation, notifications, and more. After launching his app and brand, we helped him to promote the app, develop influencer marketing, and grow app usage. 


Some apps are simple, but they can provide a large impact. This is the case for Kershaw County. We built a new app for their leadership and council meetings to allow them to easily access their meeting minutes, to do’s, and to communicate. 


Membership-based organizations often have a lot of events, programs, and information that their members and followers need to quickly access. Our membership app for the North Charleston Chamber helps followers to see upcoming events, helps members to connect with each other, and keeps members plugged into changes and information about the organization. 

Native Mobile App Maintenance

Every Charleston native mobile app should have ongoing maintenance. Mobile apps are very complex, with numerous integrations, connections, and thousands of lines of code. That code evolves every day as well as the operating systems that the apps work on.

At a minimum, EVERY mobile app should be rebuilt and re-submitted to Apple & Android at least once a year to allow the coding to update and to check for coding glitches when the new iOS & Android operating systems are released. We offer this service to anyone that has a native mobile app in Charleston or worldwide. Many times, having this annual update will resolve many glitches, bugs, and crashes if your mobile app is experiencing that.

We also offer ongoing monthly maintenance plans and recommend that anyone with a native mobile app purchase it. Native mobile apps often have random bugs that develop, have new features that need to be added, or just need basic upkeep on the database and code for the app. We offer a 5-hour and a 10-hour-a-month maintenance package to help cover these different situations. Custom plans are also available for apps that have a lot of usage and demand.

Mobile App Financing

Mobile App Development is expensive. We know it. Unfortunately, we already charge the lowest rates we can to our clients, but with most apps taking 300-600 hours to build, the rates can only be adjusted so much.
However, we are happy to offer our clients that want to get an app built in-house financing to help you.
We finance apps on a:

  • 6-month payment plan
  • 12-month payment plan
  • or a 24-month payment plan.

If you are interested in learning more about financing your new mobile app, let us know during the discovery process and we can answer your questions about it and ensure it is included in your development proposal.