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Our SEO company updates your website and related factors for your SEO weekly or bi-weekly to achieve your search engine ranking goals. Search engines make regular updates, almost daily, to the algorithm that determines how websites, business listings, and resources are ranked. This is critical for sustainable marketing success for any business.

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What is SEO? Why Do You Need It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your business more, and better quality, traffic to your website. Specifically, this involves optimizing your rank on search engine results so when a potential customer is looking for what you do, you are the first thing they find. While there are a number of ways to get increased traffic to your site, such as paid advertising, SEO focuses on organic, unpaid results from various types of searches performed by your potential customers.

SEO doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The world of digital marketing is incredibly dynamic, constantly shifting as new rules and regulations take hold. As a result of that dynamic environment, SEO is not a static process. There is no quick solution to SEO. Instead, you have to work and develop a strategy and process that are focused on results, but also flexible and adaptable to change. What you need is a team of experts who can guide you through such a process and consistently provide you with results.

Our SEO company understands the nature of the digital marketing environment, constantly seeking more knowledge about how the search algorithms work, the behavior of modern customers, and the upcoming trends in digital marketing. The result of that work, experience, and learning, is a team of passionate marketing professionals who can help you navigate these shifting environments and come out on top. Does this sound intimidating? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be.

Search Engine Optimization Packages - Starting at $399/mo

At Stingray Branding, we offer a local, regional, and national SEO Package to help you get results on your budget. These packages are geared toward helping your business effectively navigate the digital landscape and get the results you want to take your business to the next level.

Take a look at our local and regional offerings below:

Local SEO

Up to 6 Total Keywords for 1 Geographic Area

Weekly Optimization

Monthly Performance Reports

Quarterly Performance Reviews

Regional SEO

Up to 20 Total Keywords for 1-5 Geographic Areas

Weekly Optimization

Monthly Performance Reports

Monthly Performance Reviews

Detailed Reporting

National SEO

Multiple Keywords for Multiple Geographic Areas

Weekly Optimization

Monthly Performance Reports

Monthly Performance Reviews

Detailed Reporting

Taking Your Brand To The Top

Your marketing is a cornerstone of your business operations. It’s how you communicate with new and current customers. It’s how you create value and it’s how you drive sales. Your marketing helps craft your brand. But marketing isn’t a simple checklist process. Modern markets are dynamic places, constantly shifting with new technology, trends, and attitudes becoming prevalent among consumers. It’s no longer enough to just set and forget your marketing.

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