Mobile App Prototypes & Wireframes

Your Prototype & Wireframe is the first step in getting a custom native mobile app. The prototype and wireframe document serves as the blueprint for our team, or any other app coding team, for what you want your app to look like and how you want it to function.

This is a critical item that should not be taken lightly. Our team ensures your prototype has every page, setting, and smallest detail included in it. This makes certain that your actual app will be built how you want it to and perform the way you intended it to.

What is covered in a Prototype & Wireframe?

Like the blueprints and mockups of a house or building, we cover EVERYTHING. Looks, functionality, position, animation, transitions, specialty features, your purpose, your intended audience, platforms it will be on, and how you will generate revenue or save on costs are all detailed. Building an app is like building software, it is very complex and that are multiple opportunities for miscommunication and mistakes. We really want to prevent those from happening, so our package will include:

  • Exactly what every page is going to look like
  • What every page is going to do
  • How it’s going to function
  • Where it’s going to send its data
  • How it’s going to pull its data
  • How it’s going to connect to its database
  • And more.

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Building the Perfect App - E-Book

Curious if your app idea can succeed or what things you should be considering in your new mobile app? Our E-Book details the things that every app should consider to increase your odds for success and even a few pointers on how to market your new app.

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