New Website: My Payroll Office

Dec 31, 2019 | General

The Stingray Branding Team is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new website for our dear friends at My Payroll Office. We’ve worked with this incredible team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate professionals for a while, and we’ve watched their business grow. As they’ve grown, so has the brand and the website needs to match. Our design team was excited to get started on helping this incredible company grow their brand, and take it to the next level.


My Payroll Office came to us with a new brand for an impressively growing company. What they needed was an updated website to convey the new brand, new services, and help expand their reach into a national market. Our team was excited to get started.

Home Page

New Website: My Payroll Office

Your website is an incredible way for you to communicate your brand to your potential clients. In the case of My Payroll Office, our team wanted to communicate the customer-focused nature of the company. Payroll and HR can be incredibly stressful factors in running a business, and we worked to illustrate that the experience with My Payroll Office is different. The client is the focus. We used their “Exactly What You Need” mantra regularly as well as bright colors and a solid call to action above the fold. The home page creates a vibrant, welcoming initial contact with the client.

New Website: My Payroll Office

Services Page

New Website: My Payroll Office

Services pages can be a challenge to make fresh and engaging for potential clients. It’s tempting to simply list the services and hope for the best. The team at My Payroll Office had incredible videos highlighting their offerings that our team embedded into their site. Each video is engaging and gives a great overview of that particular service. Below them are calls to action to either learn more about the service or request a demo. It’s a dynamic way to present service offerings, creating value and educating prospects at the same time.

About Page

About Page 1

My Payroll Office is an incredible company with a strong mission and a remarkable team. We wanted to highlight these items on the about page, giving prospects the opportunity to learn more about this great company. We highlighted their mission with a beautiful image banner. Additionally, we dedicated a portion of the about page to show the great team you will be working with.

About Page 2

Request a Quote Page

Many businesses can’t give a list of prices because there are too many factors governing how they create a quote. With My Payroll Office, we worked with them to create an easy form for potential customers. This makes it easy for a prospect to give them info, get the most accurate quote, and get started with their exceptional services.

Request a Payroll Quote

Contact Page

MPO Contact Us

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