Is your website truly efficient for you?

Apr 5, 2015 | Education

Are you truly getting the most value possible from your website? Most marketers and business owners view their website and marketing as a just a means to advertise to their clients. However, businesses that are looking to thrive in the future will be turning to look at their websites as a means to help their employees succeed, run internal operations, assist with payment processing, and more. A website can do everything to simplify your HR systems to run several of your internal company needs. Here are just a few ideas of how to better use your website:

  1. Screen new applicants: You can build an online application system into your website so that you can keep resumes of potential employees stored online to eliminate clutter. By having your application online and making your potential hires go to your site to fill out the application you also can test their commitment to the job by requiring ad respondents to take one extra step to reach out to you for a job.
  2. Process payments: With today’s simple payment processing platforms and various methods of setting up e-commerce stores or payment transaction terminals you have the ability to greatly grow your business. If you are taking payments for any kind of set fee for product or service you can give your current or potential clients the option to go online and purchase or pay for their bill at their convenience.
  3. Document Access: Do you have documents that you update regularly or need to get to employees out in the field (possibly a sales force)? You can upload them to your site on a password protected page so that they can access them anytime via any mobile or computing device so everyone is using the most up to date forms.
  4. Do you hold regular events? With a built in calendar or RSVP system you can take away the hassle of constantly advertising events to potential attendees and make it easier to know who is coming.
  5. Project/Sales Management: Do you need to keep up with a CRM system for potential sales or to track current projects with multiple employees. With new Google Apps integrated into your site your team can all stay in the loop with the latest develops with a simple Google integration.
  6. Social Media: With social media being ranked higher every day in search results, you want to make sure your social media is effectively integrated into your site and being managed properly.

With today’s web technology you would be surprised with the thousands of things that you can use your website for to save you time and money. Contact Thompson Web Development today to review your company’s systems and processes to see how we can help automate some of them and reduce your labor costs and improve your company’s efficiency.

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