Google Changes to Mobile Focused

Apr 15, 2015 | Education


I hope you are doing well. If you can, please forward this email on to anyone you know that has or manages a website. It is imperative for the future of their business.

Majority of our clients have heard of the new Google Algorithm change coming. However, several have not and it is vital that EVERY PERSON WITH A WEBSITE MUST KNOW WHAT IS COMING, April 21st, 2015!

The change that Google is about to do will impact MILLIONS of websites. The sum of what is coming is that if your site does not have a responsive build (mobile friendly) it will lose page rank in Google’s mobile search rankings after April 21st. It will not completely disappear, but sites that are mobile friendly will get higher listings on Google.

Why? Because it makes sense. Over 60% of current searches are done on mobile devices. Google does not want its’ searchers to be annoyed when clicking on a listing by going to a site that is not tailored to their device.

IT IS VITAL that all businesses (whether our clients or not) contact us to get a free analysis of how this will impact your business TODAY and TAKE ACTION before your business suffers from this change. 

Contact us at 844.239.8467 or today to speak about how this will impact your business!

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