Do you really need a marketing company? NO!

Apr 5, 2015 | Education

I have conversations with people very frequently at various networking events with diverse people. Some are savvy business professionals others may be entrepreneurs or start-ups. Yet, outside of the truly successful I get a common statement from a lot of them. They don’t need a marketing company or help with branding or marketing. I define truly successful as someone that has a financially stable company that is growing that is able to balance their work and personal life while seeing success and positive movement in both areas simultaneously. I want to address why you never need to hire Thompson Web Development to partner with you, or any other marketing company for that matter.

Let’s address the first big point, YOU have ALL the time in the world at your disposal. 

Between taking the kids to school, doing laundry and other home chores, and addressing all of the needs of your family or personal life, you really only spend like 30 minutes a day doing such. (Don’t we all wish that was true) Therefore, you have 20 hours a day to put into your business. You know, between the little vacation time you do get (lets correct this) and the constant flow of home life responsibilities, you have found that you have no need to allow others to help you because all of your responsibilities to live a happy personal life are met. You find the time to work out daily, spend time playing with the kids or hanging out with friends, go on regular vacations, and enjoy reading plenty of good books (be real with yourself when thinking if you really do). Don’t forget those 6-8 hours of sleep you get per night really help you out, so you are surely getting every one of those. So with all of that in line you still find yourself with numerous hours in the day to work your business.

With your home life being in perfect harmony you have still found yourself able operate your business with enough time left at the end of every day that you do not need any help operating it. So, after doing your payroll, taxes, HR services, inventory, profit analysis, ordering, phone calls, emails, and other things your business needs to run you have a few hours available every day to market your company. Keep in mind that marketing is more than just making a simple website or Facebook page. Marketing to grow a company involves press releases, social media, search engine optimization and marketing, branding, advertisement creation, website design, training and implementation for employees, specials/discounts, customer relations, and more.

If you feel that after accomplishing all of this daily you don’t have the perfect harmony between your work and personal life, let us or another marketing company help you.

The next thing you already know about yourself is, YOU are a MARKETING EXPERT.

You have invested the several hours per day to learn how social media, SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), web design, branding, networking, and all the other facets of marketing flow together. You spend the money and time every year to attend conferences to learn the changes in Google Algorithms, coding changes, and to study the most recent and successful marketing trends. You don’t? Don’t worry most others don’t either, but to truly craft a successful marketing strategy these are all critical to ensure you don’t waste time or money.

One of the hardest things to do, yet one of the things that can be the most beneficial to you is to learn the power of delegation and outsourcing. As a small to medium sized business owner you need to have the ability to focus only on what are your true strengths in your company and allow them to manifest. If you are a salon owner, a tax professional, a business coach, or perhaps a home services provider.. your strength is not marketing. It is in providing or managing those that provide that service. Go focus on doing what you love and growing your company by being the best at doing that and allow us to assist you with all the other things. A master of all is a master of none.

When you combine the amount of time it takes to truly develop, implement, and execute a successful marketing strategy and the vast amount of knowledge you need to have for it to work, most successful people realize they need help. Not because you are incapable, but because it just doesn’t make sense to do it all on your own. Why take time away from what you love to do or why you do what you do to do something you never had any interest in? Most people typically venture into business ownership because they saw a need to be filled and saw their talents as the way to fill that need and they wanted the ability to be their own boss. When you do everything for your companies, your business will own you and will generally result in your eventual burn out. Let your favorite marketing person do what they love to do while making you successful and profitable. Your family will thank you, your employees/clients/friends will thank you, and your wallet and health will thank you.

Our approach to branding is more than just a logo. It’s a collection of services, which can be strategically applied to help you achieve your goals. The Stingray Branding team provides all of the services for your Internet marketing needs including:

We’re ready to help you grow the business of your dreams.

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