The advantages of using e-mail tracking software

Nov 5, 2015 | Education

When you are a business owner, you need to communicate with a large number of people every day. The ones you don’t call you usually sent them e-mail, but there is always that waiting time in which you wonder if that person saw your message, what he or she is thinking about it and why it takes so long to write a reply. Also, the reason some emails are not read in a shorter notice is because that person may be on the move or out of the office. Now, an e-mail tracking software will help you on this matter, and many others, making your person and business more efficient and time-saving.

The worst part about sending an e-mail is that you never know what happens to it after leaving your outbox. In the case of important e-mails, the stress is rather high, as you don’t know whether that person received it or not, read it or not, or what more exactly happened to your e-mail after all. Also, in the sales business, developing a viable strategy, like sending an e-mail at the right time, can make the difference between being successful or not, beating your competitors or not. Even if e-mail tracking software may sound a bit awkward, and even invasive, it is actually very useful. You have control over your e-mail by knowing when your recipient opened the e-mail, sending the exact time when it happened, and how many times he or she clicked on it. And the best part is that neither you nor the recipient of the e-mail will be bothered during the process.

One of the most appreciated software, by the people that hate not knowing what happened to their sent e-mail, is Sidekick. It is free software, so it won’t cost you a dime to use it and get that piece of mind you are looking for, regarding the communication with people revolving around your business. Everything happens in real time, so when you receive a notification that one of your prospects is reading the message you sent, then that is what is really going on. And you have to do nothing, as all the information is sent via your e-mail address. No need to install any additional app or anything like it. And you can always turn your e-mail checking option off, whenever you don’t need it, so Sidekick will not completely take over your inbox. Through the notifications, you will see who opened the e-mail, when that happened, from where, from what device, and how many times. Yes, it gets that detailed. So you can easily track not only the e-mail but also the schedule and daily habits of your co-workers, partners, and business prospects and so on, helping you to send them e-mail in the best moment of the day.

Another software of this kind is GetNotify, ContactMonkey, WhoReadMe, MSGTAG, and more. All you need to do is go through their features and see which one you like best. Also, check to see what type of e-mail service providers they are compatible, to avoid having any surprise of not working in your inbox. Choose to chase the stress away to use your time and attention for something that counts for your business.

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