New Project for Ramsay Construction

Jan 21, 2021

The team at Stingray Branding is incredibly happy to announce the completion of a new project for Ramsay Construction. Ramsay is a locally owned and operated commercial construction company. Their approach to the commercial construction process is unique, beginning with active project management as the foundation of their process and then work as an all-in-one construction company to help you with your project. Working with professionals like this, truly doing something different is one of the things we love to do.

Take a look at the work we did for this incredible company.

Logo and Branding

In the case of Ramsay Construction, we found ourselves not so much designing a new logo as updating a current one. They already had a logo that they were fairly happy with, so the trick here was to help the client by showing them something potentially different while also making sure they had what they wanted in the best light possible. Our designer took their logo and walked them through a series of options including new logos with influences ranging from Western to 60’s retro. Different fonts and styles were presented to the client for approval. This is a great approach for clients who may have a logo but would like to explore, yet aren’t entirely sure what they want.

New Project for Ramsay Construction Logo

In the end, the client was able to fully commit to their existing logo and we set about updates that would make a design we had seen in different forms before, something truly unique. The chosen colors were blue and yellow/orange and our team set to updating the logo for a more aesthetically pleasing look to the human eye. The result was a great new look to a logo the client was already happy with.

Business Cards

Ramsay Construction Business Card

The pitched roof element of the Ramsay Construction logo was something that we really liked as a design element. So we decided to incorporate that in all of their design elements. For the business card, we utilized diagonal lines and the bold color palette to feature content and provide depth as well as visual interest. The result is a bright, vibrant business card that draws the eye and engages the potential client with a memorable impression of the brand.


Social Media

For social media banners and graphics, we wanted to replicate that same feeling of the diagonal lines and colors from the business card. But an element seemed to be missing. When dealing with a construction company it’s important to be able to see their previous work. This is a critical part of any construction brand. The addition of photography to these pieces played well with the already existent design “rules’ we had established for the brand, while also highlighting beautiful work that could serve as a testament to Ramsay Construction for any potential clients.


The Ramsay Construction website needed to be fairly straightforward. Content and information needed to be effectively displayed while also providing calls to action and easy capability to contact the company. This simplicity of function still needs a solid design. In fact, the design is an even more important element, as there are fewer bells and whistles so the design elements will carry the brand.

Home Page

We started by using bold colors, cut corners, slight overlaps, and offset corners that had previously been established in logo and design elements. These allowed us to give the site a sense of dimension and depth resulting in a unique look. We also used motion throughout the site to enhance visual interest in the different sections. Swing in and out motion was really ideal for some of this as it is reminiscent of a door’s motion, inviting the visitor into the next section.

Services Page

We highlighted their logo in the header, providing a clean and easy interface for the user to navigate the website. Those bold colors in the palette and the condensed font helped us save space on the header while not sacrificing readability. This conserves valuable website real estate, which is often sacrificed for headers that draw away from the individual pages. Since contact is so important, and their primary call to action for the site, those calls to action were placed throughout the site. Since it’s hard to determine where the action decision is made on a site like this, we made sure that those calls to action were clearly present and available at all points.

Gallery Page

What do you think?

Our team loves to work with all different types of business owners and projects. From large, complex sites to simple and direct sites like this one, each project presents its own unique opportunities and challenges. We learn more from each one and love applying those lessons to help great companies just like Ramsay Construction.

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