New Project: Passion Project Initiative

Jan 20, 2021

The Stingray Branding team is very excited to announce the launch of a new website for our friends at the Passion Project Initiative (Insert Link Here). The Passion Project Initiative aims to create platforms that cultivate social change through education, empowerment, and community engagement. The founder and team are incredibly driven in their mission to improve the world through positive social change and our team was excited and honored to be able to help them with this part of their organization.

Logo Design and Branding

Designing a logo is a critical piece of building a brand. Passion Project Initiative’s work began here. Our designer was incredibly inspired by the client, both with her passion to change the world for the better and her deep love for where she came from. Even with a newly forming concept, understanding these core components of the founder helped begin the logo design process.

Several elements became prominent in the design phase. First, the word “platform” was used quite a bit to describe the organization and its purpose. This led to the use of geometric shapes that resembles platforms as a base for the design. Additionally, the fact that there was a strong emphasis on the African-American community, with a connection to events like the Juneteenth Freedom Fest, inspired a color palette that began with traditional African colors of red, black, and green combined with an element of Caribbean flair. The colors provided the “pop” the client was looking for in her logo and branding.

New Project: Passion Project Initiative Logo 2

From this initial design place, we went through a couple of rounds of revisions for the client, each time further refining the concept and crafting exactly what they wanted. One of the most important parts of this revision process is making sure that the individual elements of the logo stand on their own, but also exist in balance in the final product. The final product proved to be one of the most anchored and balanced logos our designer has ever done and one that the client was incredibly fond of.

New Project: Passion Project Initiative Logo

Business Card

PPI Business Card

This logo was sued as the base for their business card design as well. The client loved the concept of “flashes of color.” So the background and surrounding design were kept very neutral in order to help the logo stand out. A fantastic neutral image with elements that hinted at a layered, platform look was selected and the logo was placed to the left of the card, where the human eye naturally falls first. The final product is incredible and one both our team and the client are very proud of.

Social Media

Every time a visitor goes to a website or social media platform they want to know they’re in the right place. This is where consistency is incredibly important. This consistency builds a level of subconscious trust in the brand. People feel connected to the brand and comfortable with it. With that in mind, the same design for the business card was adjusted and applied to the social media account images for Passion Project Initiative, allowing us to build that consistent brand as we moved on to their website.


Home Page

Passion Project Initiative Home Page

Non-profit organizations are very similar to for-profit companies when it comes to their branding. Both organizations are trying to communicate a sense of mission and vision for an audience in a very short amount of time. Our team believed that the mission of the Passion Project Initiative was so important that it should be featured front and center. A clean, crisp logo is featured on the top right as well as clearly defined buttons for sponsors or donors at the top menu bar. The page focuses on positivity and empowerment as the organizational theme, while also providing a preview for the additional pages of the site.

About Page 

For non-profit organizations, their mission is their passion and it really needs to be highlighted well in their digital marketing efforts. For the Passion Project Initiative site, our team spent time listening to the story of the founder and the reasons for creating the organization. This time allowed our writer and design team to help convey the incredible story of this amazing organization in a way that will help better understand who they are and why you should be supporting this vital mission.

Passion Project Initiative About Page

Programs Page

The Passion Project Initiative is a newer non-profit, but they still need a platform to help communicate programs and events offered. We built attractive, streamlined pages for both programs and events that can easily be updated as new events and programs are developed. This creates a website that can be grown into as the organization grows in its offerings and mission.

Passion Project Initiative Programs Page

Events Page 

Events Page

Donations Page 

One more challenge for this website was creating a page where donation and sponsorship can be enabled for the user. Non-profits compete for a very specific set of resources, so making a clean, clear, and effective way for potential donors to connect with an organization and donate to them is vital. Our donations page matches the design elements of other pages while also providing just that.

Donations Page

Contact Page

PPI Contact Page

How did we do? Are you excited about this amazing organization?

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