New Website: Chad Jones Law

Aug 31, 2020

The Stingray Branding Team is proud to announce the launch of a new website for our friends at Chad Jones Law. Chad Jones is a multi-state, multi-location personal injury law firm that has been serving its clients for over 20 years. The attorneys at Chad Jones help clients with problems ranging from automobile accidents to pharmaceutical incidents. They came to us for a website update and we were incredibly excited to tackle a project of this scope.


Chad Jones Law is a personal injury law firm based in Texas, and operating out of Florida as well. With over 20 years in business and multiple offices, the firm found itself looking for a website update that would not only help to capture their values, but also inform their clients as well as bring their brand forward to a new era. Our team began the redesign with a full reimagining of the layout as well as a review of the website copy for SEO and clarity. This site was 78 pages total, taking 3 developers and 7 employees to complete the project. With a site this large the project required an incredible amount of attention to detail and focus to accomplish.

chad jones law firm website design for texas attorney

Home Page

With a brand that has the history of Chad Jones Law, it’s important to not only create impact and powerful calls to action but also to honor the business people are familiar with. Our design used a slide show style banner, highlighting important practice areas as well as using the main office building itself to establish a connection to the current brand. A live chat feature and clear navigation bar accompany multiple calls to action above the fold.

chad jones law firm website design for texas attorney

Chad Jones Law has an over 20-year history with its clients and we wanted to make sure that was captured. Testimonials were highlighted on the home page as well as a section featuring the “Attorney in the Truck” moniker that has become synonymous with Chad over the years, as he holds a CDL. Touches like these help to root the brand in its history while updating its look.


About Us Page

chad jones law firm website design for texas attorney

Practice Areas Page

chad jones law firm website design for texas attorney

Chad Jones Law represents clients in the following practice areas:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Dangerous Drugs
  • Wrongful Death
  • Personal Injury
  • Railroad Accidents/FELA

Practice areas are vital for websites in this space. They need to be highlighted well while also avoiding becoming overwhelming. We designed the layout for this page to feature introductory information to specific practice area interior pages and route users to those for more information. This enabled an easy to navigate page that wasn’t overwhelming.

Lawyers and Staff Page

chad jones law firm website design for texas attorney

Your team is a vital part of your business and needs to be highlighted as such. For Chad Jones, the team is the selling point of the service. Our team built a layout to feature each member of the Chad Jones Law team, along with their experience and credentials, to help visitors better understand who they were working with and put a face to the name. For a team this large that can be a challenge. We dealt with that by creating a dynamic main page with short bio snippets and connected links to full staff pages.

So, how’d we do?

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