New Website: Art Juvo

Nov 18, 2016

Stingray Branding recently published a new website for the business Art Juvo. Art Juvo is a Charleston based art appraisal company who will be offering online art valuation. Artists who have their artwork appraised by Art Juvo will also be able to list the painting, photograph or sculpture for sale in Art Juvo’s online gallery.

Stingray Branding created the logo and business card shown below for Art Juvo. See their description for why the company wanted this logo design:

When we were kids, we all played a game where we would guess the amount of jelly beans in a jar. What we probably all missed growing up was that if you take the average of all the guesses, it will produce a number very close to the number of actual jelly beans in the jar. This is a statistical theory that is proven every day in examples as simple as the classroom experiment we just mentioned and as complex as the stock market.

If we can get a large grouping of people to guess what our artwork is worth, we will be able to effectively determine how much we should sell our work for instead of blindly guessing how much we should charge for our work. This could mean that developing artists leave less money on the table if/when we decide to sell work that we, the artist, take a lot of pride in.

ArtJuvo will send out mass surveys to potential buyers and ask them to value your artwork. Because there will be a large number of participants we will be able to determine a Fair Market Value for each piece. This information will help you to determine what you can price your art for so that it sells quickly and you can make the most off of your hard-earned work.

Art Juvo’s website features a Gallery section to display artwork for sale along with a Submit Your Art page for artists wanting to have their art appraised. We also created an About page for the company so potential buyers or artists can learn more about what Art Juvo has to offer. See a screenshot of the homepage below and visit Art Juvo’s website to learn more!



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