Amy Lokhorst Stingray Branding Intern

Amy Lokhorst

Marketing Intern


Education: Graphic Communications
Schools: Clemson University
Sports Team: Clemson Tigers, Atlanta Braves 
“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” – Babe Ruth 

A Pup Studying The Current of the Ocean

Amy is currently a student at Clemson University pursuing a major in Graphic Communications and a minor in Sports Communications. She is most interested in social media marketing and content creation. Amy loves creating and finds it intriguing how different types of marketing impact people.

Being from Atlanta, Amy is a big fan of all Atlanta sports, but mostly the Braves. However, she wanted to explore a new city and was inspired to move to Charleston by all the praise that the city received from fellow Clemson students. In her free time, Amy enjoys playing pickleball, spending time with friends, and trying new foods.

Building Your Dream Website or App

App development is a fascinating field. Maybe that’s why so many people are intimidated by it. Every day someone has an idea for an app that can truly improve life and business for people. But they never do anything with the idea because they don’t know how to make it a reality. Our team of developers understands this problem really well. We’re passionate about taking your app ideas from conception to beautiful reality. It’s making your dreams come true, and that’s a great business to be in.


Our agency serves clients around the world with the highest quality marketing, design, and apps.

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